Why should every school start their academic year with MyClassboard?

We have come to an end of the academic year and very soon we’ll be entering into a new academic year. Needless to say, schools are now quite busy rolling out the year with examinations, grading, report cards etc. It is during the end of an academic year when every student has a tough time […]

Online School College Management Software with SMS

With the advent of 21st century everything has become smarter; smart phones, smart technology, smart televisions etc. Institutions too took the smart way by upgrading from old traditional administration model to a more sophisticated and easily manageable platform. The online school college management software is the smart platform that manages and optimizes the administration processes […]

Moving Parent Payments Online

We are living in an information technology age where everything is online. Starting with purchasing goods to making reservations, everything has become online facilitating a more convenient, faster and secure payment process. One does not have to go to the store to buy his desired product, all he/she can do is shop online. Similarly one […]

Improving Academic Performance and Attendance with MyClassboard

The prominent thing that teachers mainly focus on is to educate students in a most comprehensible way possible and prepare them for the examinations that evaluate the progress of students. Academic performance is that component that exposes the caliber of students and also the potential of teachers who teach them. Improving academic performance of students […]

Biometric Integration in Schools and Benefits

The modern school is equipped with technology in every corner ensuring minimum human effort. Biometrics is one such technology integration for classroom use to help you track attendance with minimal effort. Tracking attendance of student or staff is the biggest challenge for any school. There are still some schools that enter the attendance in registers […]

MyClassboard Sales Partnership Program

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand for any company and together they are the arm of the company that is vital for the successful business growth. Marketing and sales fall under the same roof of the department with different approaches and strategies that can be worked on mutual benefit to building the organization to drive revenues […]

MyClassboard Fee Collections Jumpstart Offer

Still using the old practices of collecting the fee payments, maintaining collection records and other financial transactions manually in files? Then you should try out for MyClassboard Fee Collection Tool that manages your entire financial department effortlessly. When all schools are employing with school software for paperless and hassle-free administration, MyClassboard comes up with a […]

Best School Admissions Fee Management Software

Every school has unique admission criteria through which the entire admission process is carried out. Schools often see admission management as a chore for the complexity involved in it. Current management system involves highly talented manpower to undertake the admission process which includes collecting queries from parents, collecting registration forms, application forms, fee payment and […]

School Fee Management Software – Key Benefits

          Fee management is the important feature of any educational institution as it maintains a complete track of fee paid by the students. Earlier, fee collection and management was critical and error prone as it required manual power and was also time-consuming. Generation of fee receipts, cancellation of the fee receipts […]

10 things you should look for in a School Management ERP

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] MyClassboard.com institutes a perfect School management ERP software to enhance the efficiency in school operations and management. It provides a complete ERP solution integrated with mobile app services bridging the gap between parents and schools. As many schools are opting to adopt technology-based services in their schools, we at MyClassboard provide revolutionary software that […]