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Course Management

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Streamline Your Academic Courses with Ease

Are you seeking a robust solution to manage your academic courses seamlessly? Look no further! Our Course Management system offers a comprehensive array of features to cater to all your academic needs.

Key Features

Academic Courses

Easily record and track PDC deposits, ensuring timely processing and accurate documentation of incoming payments.

Global Courses

Streamline the clearance process for PDC deposits, minimizing delays and optimizing cash flow management.

Live Sessions

Gain insights into your institution's financial health with comprehensive summaries of PDC transactions and balances.

One-to-One Live Sessions

Provide personalized attention to students through one-to-one live sessions, fostering individualized learning and growth.


Allocate courses to specific branches of your institution, ensuring tailored course offerings for each location.

Course Type

Determine whether courses are created by you or other educators, providing transparency and accountability in course management.

Class Category

Organize courses into different class categories, making it easier for students to navigate and select their desired courses.

Course Status

Monitor the status of courses, including published courses and those in development, to ensure timely updates and availability.


Specify the class or grade level associated with each course, ensuring appropriate alignment with the curriculum.

Add Courses Option

Seamlessly add new courses to the platform, empowering educators to expand the course catalog and meet evolving student needs.


Offer courses in a variety of subjects and languages to cater to diverse student interests and academic needs.

Make Your Course Management Effortless and Effective

Explore our Course Management system today and revolutionize the way you deliver academic courses to your students.

Transform Your Institution's Academic Offerings Today!

Elevate Your Academic Course Management Experience!