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Elevate Academic Excellence with Precision
Grading - Your Gateway to Smoother, Quicker,
and Easier School Grading & Reporting

Welcome to our Gradebook Software, the ultimate solution designed to revolutionize the grading and reporting processes in schools. With our advanced, cloud-based platform, we aim to streamline the entire spectrum of grading activities, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and comprehensive approach to academic assessments.

Comprehensive Analysis & Grading Solutions

Our Gradebook software stands at the forefront of educational technology, offering a wide array of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions:

Scholastic & Co Scholastic Assessments:

A holistic approach to evaluate both academic performance and co-curricular achievements, ensuring a well-rounded assessment of student growth.

Key Benefits

Pre Admission Exams:

Schedule and administer pre-admission tests seamlessly, with automatic result notifications to parents via SMS and email.

Easy Access:

Fully cloud-based, our Gradebook software offers unparalleled access across devices and platforms, ensuring educators can connect anytime, anywhere.

Teacher Web & App:

Direct access to grading, marks entry, and academic evaluations, streamlining the workflow for educators on both web and mobile platforms.

Information Upload for Parents:

Facilitate transparent communication with parents by sharing report cards and progress reports directly through our platform.

Grading Scale Flexibility:

Our adaptable grading scheme supports various formats, including points, letters, and checks, catering to different school preferences.

User Benefits

Our platform is designed to empower each stakeholder within the educational ecosystem:


Gain comprehensive insights into the performance of students, teachers, and staff.

Class Teacher:

Manage exams, assignments, and provide instant feedback with generated reports.

Subject Teacher:

Access detailed analytics on subject-wise performance for a deeper understanding.


Oversee examination schedules, grade entries, and generate comprehensive reports.

Advanced Assessment Methods

Learning-Based Assessments:

Tailored for Montessori curriculums, reflecting the true essence of Montessori methodology.

Reflection-Based Assessments:

Allows for the categorization of reflections for each subject, facilitating detailed reporting.

Activity-Based Assessments:

Define and evaluate student activities and skills with a customizable grading scale.

Additional Features

Student Daily Logs:

Ideal for pre-primary classes, enabling teachers to record and share task statuses with parents.

Anecdotes and Badges:

Document observations on behavior, skills, and areas for improvement, accessible to faculty and parents.

Achievement Records:

Capture and share achievements across various categories, complete with competition details and event photos.

Embrace a future where grading and reporting are not just tasks, but pathways to understanding and improving the educational journey for students, teachers, and parents alike.

Transforming Education Through
Insightful Assessment - Because
Every Grade Tells a Story