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Forge lasting connections with alumni through our dedicated Alumni Management System. From maintaining alumni databases to facilitating communication, we offer a range of features to foster engagement and collaboration.

Key Features

AESC Settings:

Customize settings specific to the AESC (Authorized Education Study Center), ensuring seamless management and compliance.

Dealer / Vendor Settings:

Manage dealer and vendor relationships within the franchise network, facilitating procurement and supply chain management.

Franchise Payments Details:

Access detailed information on franchise payments, including transaction history, amounts, and payment statuses.

Franchise Royalty Details:

Track royalties from franchisees, monitoring earnings and ensuring timely payments.

Royalty Payment Approvals:

Streamline the approval process for royalty payments, ensuring accuracy and compliance with franchise agreements.

Franchise Kit Creation:

Develop comprehensive franchise kits containing essential documents and guidelines for new franchisees, facilitating onboarding and compliance.

Approve AESC Fee Payments:

Review and approve fee payments from AESC locations, ensuring timely processing and financial transparency.

Franchise Kit Approvals:

Streamline the approval process for franchise kits, ensuring consistency and compliance across the network.

Additional Features

Franchise Settings

Customize settings and configurations for individual franchises, tailoring the system to meet specific needs and requirements.

Franchise Status Settings

Customize franchise status settings to reflect the current stage of each franchise, facilitating efficient management and communication.

Upload Franchise

Simplify the onboarding process for new franchises by providing an easy to use platform for uploading necessary documentation and information.

Royalty Banks

Manage royalty accounts and transactions, ensuring accurate financial records and transparency.


Royalty Collection Report

Generate reports on royalty collections, providing insights into earnings and performance across the franchise network.

Student-wise Royalty Dues

Access detailed reports on royalty dues from students, facilitating accurate billing and payment tracking.

Franchise Details Report

Generate comprehensive reports on franchise details, including contact information, operational metrics, and performance indicators.

Transform your franchise and AESC management with our cutting-edge system.

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