A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best School Fee Management System for Your School

Fee Management System

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best School Fee Management System for your School Finance is one of the most critical and busiest departments in any organization. Payment collection and accounting provide the basic resources for running a business or activity. In an educational institute, fee collection is one of the most important activities throughout […]

What are the advantages of using an automated fee collection system at school?

Fee management system

What are the advantages of using an automated fee collection system at school? In every educational institution, managing and collecting fees is essential. When students and parents manually deposited payments in the past, it required that the school at the school would provide each student with a printed receipt. As a result, the administrators’ role […]

How payment gateways facilitate online fee collection & management

Fee Collection Software

How payment gateways facilitate online fee collection & management Collection of fees is a great challenge for schools and other educational institutions. Manual fee collection poses several challenges as schools need to dedicate professionals for the task, maintain manual logs of fee collection, plan the schedule for in-person fee deposits, and audit vast piles of […]

Financial Management Software for Your School

Successfully managing the finances is one of the biggest challenges for any organization be it big or small. Financial management of any organization demands the effective and efficient management of money that achieves and accomplishes the objectives of the organization and when it comes to a school or any educational institute it’s no easy task.The […]

10 Key Functions of Fee Collection Module

Financial management is a term which has been in wide use in business and commercial circles for many years but has been applied to education more recently. Financial management has changed significantly in recent years and has become progressively more important and more complex.With regard to the use of term Financial management in Education, it […]

CBSE School Fee Software ERP System

It has not been much time since the CBSE board had advised all its affiliated schools to go cashless in terms of fee collection starting from January 2017. In a circular issued on December 10, 2016, the board directed all CBSE-affiliated schools to collect fees only through online or non-cash modes. Following this mandate, the […]

MyClassboard FeeCollections Jumpstart Offer

MyClassboard announces its first ever start of the year bonanza. We are literally giving away our entire software solution package and here’s how to get it. Fee Collection module from MyClassboard free of cost for 3 MONTHS. Starting 1st Jan 2017 you can enroll with our sales team and start using the entire Fee Collection […]

MCB Success Stories – Fee Collections in SriGayatri Academy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]MyClassboard was started with a vision to have the benefits of ever expanding technology be made available to the various schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. During the initial years MyClassboard was the young bird that had just pushed itself off of its nest and was trying to find its wings and during this same […]

Qualities of Effective Scheduling Software for School

Before getting started with the qualities of effective schedule software for school, it is very important for one to know what scheduling software for school is and why schools need scheduling software. It is an undeniable fact that managing the administration of a school/college is no easy task. Rather it is a cumulative process of […]