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Welcome to our Service Management platform, designed to streamline service fee plans, attendance tracking, and communication for enhanced efficiency. From assigning service fee plans to generating detailed reports, our feature-rich system empowers you to optimize service operations and drive success.

Service Management Features

Assign Service Fee Plans:

Easily assign service fee plans to subscribers, ensuring accurate billing and revenue management.

Fee Plan Service Collections:

Streamline service fee collections, track payments, and manage subscriber accounts seamlessly.

Give Subscriber Attendance:

Record subscriber attendance with ease, facilitating accurate tracking of service utilization.

Send SMS to Absent Students:

Notify absent students via SMS, promoting engagement and encouraging attendance.


Month Wise Service Subscriptions

Generate reports on service subscriptions by month, providing insights into subscriber trends and patterns.

Service Subscription Details

Access detailed reports on service subscriptions, including subscriber information and plan details.

Service Student Attendance Report

View attendance reports for service subscribers, enabling monitoring and analysis of attendance trends.

Service Plan Wise Subscriptions Report

Analyze service subscriptions by plan type, facilitating informed decision-making and planning.

Take control of your service management today with our comprehensive solution.

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