Ten frequently asked questions about school ERP software

School ERP Software

Ten frequently asked questions about school ERP software Technology has swept most areas of our lives, and education is not untouched. On the contrary, technology has empowered education as per the era’s demands, right from new learning methods with Virtual reality and Augmented reality, gamification in lessons, video study materials, & online learning, etc. Online […]

A complete guide to choose the best ERP software for your school

School ERP Software

A complete guide to choose the best ERP software for your school Education is going through a massive digital reform, and it is speeding up because of the demands to study remotely due to the current pandemic. Physical schools have been irregularly opening. During this period, the best part has been online classes, which have […]

What are the Benefits of Employing an Online Admission Software?

1. Automation The online admission software brings all the admission tasks on a single platform. Schools can consolidate and select application forms from a single digital space. Schools can automate recurring activities like sending notifications, collecting documents, admission fees, and more. 2. Simplification The online admission system provides a simplified experience for parents, students, as […]

Why Virtual Learning is the Ultimate Solution During the Time of COVID-19

2020 has been quite an year. Education sector has been one of the most affected sectors that had to struggle during the times of COVID. The mandatory lockdowns in various parts of the world had made traditional learning methods impossible. The brusque shutdown had intellectual and cognitive consequences for families. It has posed new challenges […]

Key Advantages of Online Assessments

Purpose of an assessment is to monitor student learning, improve course efficiency, and enhance teaching and witness student progress. Educational institutions are devoted to instiling learning and knowledge. Assessments play an important role in gauging how efficiently learners are receiving this knowledge imparted by instructors. It gives them an accurate understanding of where they stand […]

How Online Exams Can Benefit Your School

Online learning has grown in demand ever since the pandemic, leading to widespread utilisation of online exams. Online exams have started to become a preferred method of assessment in both online and traditional learning environments. They provide various benefits for the learning process and learners when used appropriately within online learning programs. There’s an increase […]

How School ERP Eases Every Educational Institutions Top 4 Challenges

Increased Efficiency Every institution is subjected to manage a tonne of student data. Maintaining piles of papers and bundles of records covering every student’s data, with accuracy is an undeniable headache, especially when the student count is going up every year. It’s not only a tedious process but also consumes a major chunk of their […]

Enhance Fee Collection Process in Schools

More and more educators today are positively adopting the Fee Management System. There are several benefits for why schools should consider implementing the fee management system. Irrespective of a school’s size, espousing fee management solution is not only feasible but also a smart decision for smooth financial longevity. It flows in greater revenue as you’re […]

Choose the Best School ERP Platform for your School

There is no domain that is untouched by technological developments today. One such advancement is school management software, which helps schools streamline everyday administrative and academic activities with ease and efficiency. While opting for a school ERP platform, you must pay heed to the right school ERP as it is crucial to make most out […]