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A GPS tracking device integrated into school buses, paired with advanced vehicle tracking software, provides real-time location updates, ensuring the safety and security of students and school staff. The latest smart devices are equipped with components supporting vehicle tracking software and GPS technology, constantly updating the school bus's location.

Key Benefits:

Real-time Location Updates:

Stay informed about the exact location of school buses, providing peace of mind to parents and school authorities.

Enhanced Safety Measures:

Mitigate risks associated with commuting by ensuring constant monitoring and tracking of school buses, reducing the likelihood of incidents.

Efficient Management:

Streamline transportation management processes with accurate location data, optimizing routes and schedules for improved efficiency.

Parental Reassurance:

Provide parents with real-time updates on their child's
whereabouts, fostering trust and confidence in the school's
transportation system.

Centralized Data Management:

GPS data is seamlessly integrated into the central ERP software, providing comprehensive information to connected mobile apps for easy access and monitoring.

RFID Attendance Tracking System

Efficient Attendance Tracking for Enhanced Security and Convenience
RFID technology automatically recognizes and tracks tags attached to students, enabling seamless attendance tracking within school premises. Integrating RFID data into the transport dashboard facilitates the relay of student attendance information to parents via mobile notifications, enhancing the capabilities of the transportation management system.

Key Benefits:

  • Automated Attendance Recording: Streamline attendance tracking processes with RFID
    technology, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors.
  • Multi-layer Security: Enhance student security with accurate and reliable attendance data,
    ensuring accountability and safety during transportation.
  • Integration with Transport Dashboard: Seamlessly integrate RFID data into the transport
    dashboard for centralized management and monitoring of student attendance.
  • Parental Communication: Keep parents informed about their child’s attendance status in real-time,
    enhancing transparency and communication between school and home.
  • Comprehensive Security Measures: Combine GPS-based vehicle tracking with RFID attendance
    tracking for comprehensive security measures, providing optimal safety for students and peace of
    mind for parents and school authorities.

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