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Experience the convenience of our Parent App designed to facilitate seamless communication and engagement between parents, students, and school authorities. Explore a range of features tailored to enhance parent involvement and student success.

Key Features

Student & Parents Profile:

Access student and parent profiles with contact details, ensuring easy communication and personalized support.

Student Attendance:

Monitor student attendance with detailed summaries, enabling parents to stay informed about their child's attendance patterns.


Receive and view circulars directly on the app, ensuring timely access to important announcements and updates from the school.

Homework Management:

View and download homework assignments, facilitating parental support and involvement in student learning.

School Calendar:

Access monthly and yearly calendars to stay updated on school events, holidays, and important dates.

Teacher Remarks:

Receive positive and negative remarks from teachers, providing insights into student progress and behavior.

Fee Management:

View fee details and pay online, offering convenience and transparency in fee related transactions.

Report Cards:

View and download report cards, allowing parents to track their child's academic performance and progress.

Library Transactions:

Access library transactions, including issued, returned, and overdue books, promoting reading habits and resource management.

Achievements and Awards:

Stay informed about student achievements and awards, celebrating milestones and successes together.

Image Gallery:

Explore an image gallery showcasing school events and activities, providing a glimpse into the school experience.

Communication Tools:

Communicate with teachers and school authorities directly through the app, fostering collaboration and support.

News Updates:

Stay updated on school news and announcements, ensuring parents are well informed about school related developments.

Transport Details:

Access transport details, including pick up and drop off timings, and track live vehicle locations for added safety and convenience.


View student timetables, helping parents stay organized and informed about their child's schedule.

Leave Application:

Submit leave applications for student absences directly through the app, streamlining the process for parents and school authorities.

Downloadable Resources:

Download syllabus and e resources, providing access to educational materials and resources to support student learning.

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