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Enhancing Student Well Being
with Our Infirmary Management

Our Infirmary Management System is designed to prioritize the health and well-being of students and staff members. With comprehensive features and tools, we ensure efficient management of health-related data and facilitate proactive healthcare measures within educational institutions.

Key Features

Student Health Infirmary

Dedicated section for managing student health records, including medical history, health issues, and checkup details.

Staff Health Infirmary

Similar to the student infirmary, this module allows for the management of staff health records, promoting a healthy work environment.

Student Health Issues Dashboard

Visual representation of student health issues, providing insights into prevalent health concerns and facilitating targeted interventions.

Student Past Medical History

Maintain comprehensive records of students' past medical history, including illnesses, treatments, and medications.

Student Health Issues Observed Details

Record and track specific health issues observed in students, enabling monitoring and follow-up actions as necessary.

Staff Health Issues Observed

Record and monitor health issues observed in staff members, ensuring a proactive approach to employee health management.

Infirmary Stocks

Keep track of medical supplies and stocks available in the infirmary to ensure timely replenishment and availability of essential items.


Knowledge on Existing Health Conditions

Gain insights into students' and staff members' existing health conditions, facilitating informed decision-making and personalized care.

Early Detection of New Conditions

Proactively identify and address new health conditions through regular health checkups and observation.

Medicine Optimization

Optimize medication management based on historical health records, ensuring appropriate treatment and dosage adjustments.

Holistic Development Supported with Medical History

Promote holistic development by considering students' medical history in educational planning and support initiatives.

Nutritional Suggestions for a Healthy Lifestyle

Provide personalized nutritional guidance based on health data, fostering healthy habits and lifestyles among students and staff.

Health Parameters:


Measure and track students' and staff members' height for growth monitoring and health assessment.


Record and monitor weight to assess overall health and detect changes over time.


Document dental health status, including checkups, treatments, and recommendations.


Track vision health, including eye exams, corrective measures, and recommendations for vision care.

Blood Group

Maintain records of students' and staff members' blood groups for emergency medical purposes.


Student Health Details Report

Generate detailed reports on student health information, facilitating analysis and decision-making.

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