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Simplify Human Resource
Management with MyClassboard

Initiate a professional workplace with standard
workflows & automated tools.

Best School HR Management Software in India

A systematic process to support & ease employees' everyday workplace activities.

Staff data management

Maintain a safe database of staff bank account numbers & personal info for quick access.

Staff requirements

Conduct recruitment drives online. Automate to set up hiring alerts, interview schedules, and hiring tests.

Staff biometric attendance

Create accurate staff attendance reports by including biometric attendance information.

Staff assessments

Conduct recruitment assessments to understand the capabilities of academic or administrative staff.

Staff management tasks

A user profile dashboard let staff view their assigned tasks, where they can take action to complete and upload related task documents.

Staff data management

A central employee dashboard allows them to view their leave history, leave balance or apply for leave.


A Comprehensive dashboard to revolutionize HR operations

A simple yet powerful solution to streamline human resource operations. Systematic automation and deep analytics create a practical, achievable workflow, removing redundant steps and improving multifold efficiency

Staff details

Maintain a detailed staff list to create an employee database for your school. Manage departments, designations, qualifications, etc., to create an extensive employee directory to include their personal, professional, and bank account details.W

Staff Attendance

Automate regular attendance logs by integrating a biometric attendance system and avoid proxy attendance. Organize shifts and sessions, regulate work from home requests along with its attendance, etc. It gives you the liberty to flexibility manage your workplace processes. Create comprehensive reports to overview your employee s login and logout daily.W

Staff Leaves

Manage your organization's leave structure and policies by automating the leave types, categories, and department wise leave allocation. Leave reports to summarize details like frequency, pattern, unplanned leaves, consumed leaves, etc. It gives the organization an impression of employee discipline towards their workplace.

Organizations can update staff holidays and credit comp offs, approve leaves, or assign reporting managers to create a smooth leave approval process.

Staff Task Manager

Compile a detailed task list for each staff and assign them an achievable target. The platform also provides respective teams with a specific view of the tasks assigned to their team on the whole. MyClassboard analytics allows organizations to create reports based on various critical parameters to showcase the expected performance targetted by the organization.

Experience Simplified HR Management System.

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