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Elevate Hostel Management with Our Comprehensive System

Experience seamless hostel management with our dedicated Hostel Management System. From accommodation to meals and amenities, we offer a range of features to ensure a comfortable and efficient residential experience for students.

Key Features

Building Details

Maintain detailed information about hostel buildings, including capacity, facilities, and allocation to branches.

Map Hostel Buildings to Branches

Assign hostel buildings to specific branches, facilitating streamlined management and allocation of resources.

Hostel Management

Manage all aspects of hostel operations, including accommodation, facilities, and resident welfare.

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Hostel Fee Deposit Categories

Define categories for hostel fee deposits, allowing for structured and organized fee collection processes.

Hostel Attendance Remarks

Record attendance remarks for hostel residents, providing insights into student attendance and behavior.

Hostel Leave Types

Establish leave types for hostel residents, enabling them to apply for leaves as per defined policies.

Create Category & Items

Create categories and items for hostel management, facilitating inventory and procurement processes.

Apply leave for Hostellers:

Allow hostel residents to apply for leaves directly through the system, ensuring efficient leave management.

Manage Daily Purchases / Consumables:

Track daily purchases and consumption of hostel consumables, ensuring adequate stock levels and budget management.

Create Announcements

Create and disseminate announcements to hostel residents, keeping them informed about important updates and events.

Student Items to be Brought

Provide guidelines to hostel residents regarding items to be brought for their stay, ensuring preparedness and compliance.


Manage hostel admissions, including application processing, allocation of rooms, and documentation.licies.

Meals Management:

Manage meals settings, schedule meals, and create daily menus, ensuring nutritious and balanced meals for hostel residents.

Warden Details

Maintain details of hostel wardens, including contact information and responsibilities, for effective supervision and management.


Mess Menu:

View and manage meal menus for hostel residents, ensuring variety and quality in food offerings.

Item Transaction type Details:

Track details of item transactions in the hostel, including purchases, consumption, and stock levels.

Mess Report:

Generate reports on hostel mess operations, including meal consumption, wastage, and feedback.

Schedule Report:

Access reports on scheduled hostel activities and events, ensuring timely planning and coordination.

Committee Head Report:

Obtain reports on committee heads and their responsibilities, facilitating accountability and oversight.

Gate Pass Permission:

Manage gate pass permissions for hostel residents, ensuring controlled access and security.

Bed Allotment:

Track bed allotment details for hostel residents, ensuring efficient room occupancy management.

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