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Every school has unique admission criteria through which the entire admission process is carried out. Schools often see admission management as a chore for the complexity involved in it. Current management system involves highly talented manpower to undertake the admission process which includes collecting queries from parents, collecting registration forms, application forms, fee payment and storing the entire data manually. No matter how talented and big the admission team is, the management still ends up in errors and chaos during the process.

MyClassboard makes a pitch to end the anarchy by proposing new admission software which is enriched with all cardinal features enabling effortless admission and fee management. To calibrate and ensure smooth working of the admission process, many schools now have acquainted with the school admission software commissioned by MyClassboard.

School admission software provides schools a multi-channel to certain aspects like enquiries, walk-ins, call-ins etc. Parents of students seeking admissions into schools have several queries with regard to admissions. This module offers such parents an opportunity to place their enquiries before registering with a particular school. Depending on the enquiries received, the parents get a follow-up call from the administration wherein all their queries will be answered by the admission team. This further helps the school management to convert those prospective enquiries to admissions.

This software is reliable, faster, time saving, requires less manpower, minimizes human error and manages the operations accurately and unambiguously. It eliminates manual applications with easy-to-fill admission form that enables search and retrieval of data in real-time. This user-friendly tool lets you document and accumulates all the data pertaining to enquiries, registrations, and admissions. The details of a number of admissions in the previous years are also displayed making it much convenient for the parents to decide. School admission software with its substantial modules makes every academic institute to opt for one. The admission management module provides a complete database that secures the data of all the students across the school with a transparency.

Fee management software helps the schools to create customized fee collection structure, categorize payments and get collection reports. It allows the parents to pay fees at their convenience using the multiple payment modes made available. With the current issue of Demonetization, schools and parents have no longer to be panicked as our fee collection software offers online fee payment service. Apart from fee collection, Concession fee, Conveyance fee and others are also facilitated in this module. This software displays the fee details, student details, mode of payment and outstanding amount if any, transport fee and concession fee if applicable with a print option. It maintains a complete summary of the fee paid, fee unpaid, dues and efficiently tracks the details of student previous fee receipts.

There might be special cases like admissions during the middle of the year and branch transfers which are challenging for any school management to take up. The MyClassboard admission software tool helps in the easy admission of students by gathering student information, deciding pay structure under such exceptional cases.

Admissions and fee management are two vital things that describe the professionalism of any school or college. A number of enrollments made into the school and expertise in handling fee management is what any school aims for. A conglomeration of the duo contributes to a best school admission fee management software which is none other than MyClassboard.

MyClassboard endorses an automated web service that ensures fast and computerized information which is beneficial for changes and easily amendable. This is an SMS alert system enabled software to keep parents noted regarding their children from time to time. This software equips the academic institutes to stay ahead with technology and set a benchmark for other institutes in the market. The above features paramount for making us the best school admissions fee management software in the market.

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