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Transform Your Virtual
Classroom Experience with
Zoom Integration!


Integrating Zoom with MyClassboard brings unparalleled convenience and effectiveness to online education. Here's how:

Key Features

Seamless Integration:

Connect Zoom seamlessly with MyClassboard, providing educators and students with a user friendly platform for online learning.

Automated Meetings:

Streamline communication by automatically scheduling and hosting Zoom meetings directly within MyClassboard, ensuring efficient and hassle free virtual classrooms.

Classroom Management:

Simplify classroom organization by easily creating and managing Zoom classrooms, assigning moderators, and facilitating collaboration among participants.

Resource Sharing:

Share resources, presentations, and documents effortlessly during Zoom sessions, enhancing engagement and interaction among students and instructors.

Secure Access:

Ensure secure access to Zoom meetings with unique meeting links generated within MyClassboard, offering peace of mind and protection against unauthorized access.

Interactive Sessions:

Engage students through interactive discussions, breakout rooms, screen sharing, and chat features, fostering active participation and effective learning.

Recorded Sessions:

Record Zoom sessions for future reference or for students who are unable to attend live, providing flexibility and accessibility to course materials.

Discover the full potential of Zoom integration with MyClassboard through a personalized demo session. Our product experts will walk you through the features and benefits tailored to your institution's needs.

Zoom Integration:
Bridging the Gap Between
Education and Connectivity.