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School Fee Management Software – Key Benefits

          Fee management is the important feature of any educational institution as it maintains a complete track of fee paid by the students. Earlier, fee collection and management was critical and error prone as it required manual power and was also time-consuming. Generation of fee receipts, cancellation of the fee receipts and retrieving previous fee payment information was a different task altogether.

          In order to cover the loopholes and make it a human error free process, there were many obligations for an online fee structure. School Fee Management Software is an integrated system that manages the collection of school fees, issuing fee receipts, maintaining and generating due fee reports resulting in trouble-free, convenient and paperless management. This software solution helps to tackle the school fee management with ease.

Features of School Fee Management Software:

          The school fee management software provides an online fee structure that accumulates the students information in the database with the additional information related to fee payment plans, installments, school policies, concessions, due dates, scholarships and more. All the above information is collected through excel sheets within 24 hours from enrollment and then entered and proofread with 99.9% accuracy in order to avoid any ambiguity. This module is specifically created to accelerate the work of fee collection, receipt generation and reduce the human error.

          Other features like mode of payment, makes it feasible for the parents to pay the fee in a safe and secure environment. The payment methods like payment made through cash, cheque, challan, credit card, debit card, bank transfer and demand draft help the parents to enjoy an easy and fast payment of school fees and keep them stress-free. The existing mode of fee payment in many educational institutes is stress associated as it requires fee paying in person. Challenging the above, this module provides a hassle-free management system.

          Apart from the school fee payment, this software also takes care of other fee categories like Transport fee, Picnic fee, Hostel fee and School uniform. All the data related to fee management will be entered in the database for further use. This module alerts the parents with a text to their cell phones or a notification through mail regarding the fee payment and due payments weekly. It also provides the parents with customized reports of fee payment, concession report, and cash flow report when needed. The software has mastered the art of integrating with accounting packages and online gateway solutions used by schools.

          Fee Management Software is a comprehensive tool that lets parents enjoy a safe and secure way of student fee payment. This module offers parents a facility for canceling fee receipts and generating previous receipts. Fee Management Software is an innovative automated software which provides a 24×7 operation of the program with transaction anytime. It maintains a secure database of accounts and also eliminates the repeated data entries of fee payment.

Benefits of Fee Management Software

  • It provides a comprehensive way of managing the finance department of institutes without any paperwork.
  • It is time-saving and more efficient.
  • Prevents any frauds in transactions.
  • Involves less manpower.
  • Secured database of accounts.

          Not only parents but the school management as well is also equally benefited with the fee management software. School fee management software is an online fee management system that maintains the financial record of the institution.


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