Experience the efficiency and accuracy of our Payroll Management System, designed to streamline staff compensation processes and ensure timely and accurate salary payments. Explore a wide range of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of payroll management.

Key Features

Staff Salary Details

Access detailed information about staff salaries, ensuring transparency and accuracy in payroll management.

Payroll Slabs

Define payroll slabs to establish salary structures based on employee roles, levels, or other criteria.

Salary Generation

Generate staff salaries accurately and efficiently, eliminating manual calculations and reducing errors.

Staff Pay Register

Maintain a comprehensive register of staff salaries, providing a record of all payroll transactions.

Staff Monthly Salary Cuttings

Manage monthly salary deductions, such as taxes, insurance premiums, and other withholdings.

Upload Staff Allowances

Upload staff allowances to ensure that employees receive all entitled benefits and compensation.

Payroll Statutory Reports

Generate statutory reports related to payroll, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Staff Pay Types

Define various pay types for staff members, including regular salary, bonuses, commissions, and more.

Staff Salary Statements

Provide staff members with detailed salary statements, offering transparency and clarity regarding their compensation.

Staff Advances

Manage staff advances and track repayment schedules, ensuring accurate accounting of financial transactions.

Financial Year wise TDS Reports

Generate TDS reports for each financial year, facilitating tax compliance and reporting.

Staff EPF Account PAN Details

Maintain staff EPF account details, including PAN information, to ensure compliance with EPF regulations.

Staff Salary Increments

Manage staff salary increments based on performance evaluations or other criteria, ensuring fair and consistent compensation practices.

Staff Payroll Attendance

Integrate staff attendance data with payroll processing to ensure accurate salary calculations based on attendance records.

Outsourcing Staff Salary

Streamline the payroll process for outsourcing staff members, ensuring timely and accurate compensation.

Payroll Reports

Generate various payroll reports to analyze payroll data and track key metrics related to staff compensation.

Staff Assessment

Manage staff salary increments based on performance evaluations or other criteria, ensuring fair and consistent compensation practices.

Staff Resignation Approvals

Streamline the resignation approval process with detailed reports tracking staff resignations and approvals.

Staff Recruitment Exam Report

Generate reports on staff recruitment exams, providing insights into candidate performance and recruitment outcomes.

Staff Assessment Details Report

Access comprehensive reports on staff assessments, facilitating performance evaluations and development planning.

Staff Leaves Between Dates Report

Generate reports on staff leaves between specific dates, enabling efficient leave management and tracking.

Staff Leaves Report

Obtain detailed reports on staff leaves, including leave types, durations, and balances, for better leave management.

Roaming Staff Details

Access information on roaming staff, including assignments, locations, and schedules, for effective resource management.

Staff Employment Status wise Details Report

Generate reports on staff employment status, categorizing staff based on their employment status for better workforce planning.

Investment Declaration Report

Obtain reports on staff investment declarations, ensuring compliance with investment declaration policies and regulations.

Reporting Managers

Access details of reporting managers and their respective teams, facilitating organizational hierarchy management and reporting structures.


Data-Driven Decision-Making

Make informed decisions based on insightful analytics and reports generated by our Reporting Module.


Ensure compliance with internal policies and regulatory requirements through accurate and comprehensive reporting.

Efficient HR Management

Streamline HR processes such as recruitment, assessment, leave management, and more with detailed and customizable reports.

Resource Optimization

Optimize resource allocation and workforce planning with detailed insights into staff data and employment statuses.

Staff Payroll

Automate staff payroll in house and avoid outsourcing salary disbursement to service providers for your staff. MyClassboard s integrated software is equipped with advanced automation tools to quickly analyze employees payroll with zero error.

Staff Assessments

Periodically assessing staff on their current knowledge level will preview their performance. It would be a benchmark for organizations to review assessment results for promotions and salary increments or to assign additional projects.

Staff Recruitments

Gather the best talents for your organization and beat your goals. With MyClassboard Applicant Tracking System, staff recruitment is streamlined, making your hiring process simple, fast, & convenient.

HR vacancies

Compile a list of vacancies with their appropriate requirements, manage their online URLs, and create a list of subjects for which recruitment will be conducted.

Recruitment staff approval

Raise a request to recruit specific staff and get the approval through a systematic channel.

Staff resumes

Maintain a record of staff resumes.

Questionnaire for hiring

Create an exhaustive question bank for recruitment to test the candidates.

Recruitment exam report
Online recruitment exam

Create and schedule an online recruitment exam for various subjects

Payroll Management and Staff Recruitment.

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