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Welcome to our comprehensive Expense Management system, designed to streamline your financial processes and enhance transparency in expenditure tracking. From recording expenses to budgeting and approvals, our feature-rich platform provides everything you need to manage your finances effectively.

Expense Management Features

Money Spent (New)

Record and track expenses seamlessly, categorizing transactions for easy reference and analysis.

Chart of Accounts

Organize your financial transactions into a structured chart of accounts, facilitating clear reporting and analysis.

Post Payroll Transactions

Easily manage post-payroll transactions, ensuring accurate accounting and reconciliation of payroll expenses.


Set and monitor budgets for various expense categories, enabling better financial planning and control.

Approvals / Rejections

Establish an efficient workflow for expense approvals and rejections, ensuring compliance and accountability.

Approve Expense Details

Review and approve expense details with ease, maintaining control over expenditure and ensuring accuracy.


Balance Sheet

Generate comprehensive balance sheets to assess your financial position accurately.

Final Account

Generate final accounts to summarize your financial performance for a specific period.

Cash and Bank Balances

View detailed reports on cash and bank balances, providing insights into your liquidity status.

Budgets Report

Review budget reports to assess actual expenses against planned budgets, facilitating variance analysis.

Branch Wise Expenses

Analyze expenses across different branches, enabling effective cost management and optimization.

Parties Payment Report

Track payments made to external parties, ensuring accurate recording and reconciliation.

Ledger Head Expenses

Track expenses by ledger head, facilitating detailed analysis and budget allocation.

General Expense Payments

Record and manage general expense payments, ensuring timely settlement of invoices and bills.

Ledger Head Expenses

Track expenses by ledger head, facilitating detailed analysis and budget allocation.

Advance Entry for Expenses

Enter advance payments for expenses, facilitating accurate accounting and budgeting.

Consolidated Cash Collections Balance Report

Access consolidated reports on cash collections balances, aiding in cash flow management.

Loan Payments

Manage loan payments efficiently, ensuring compliance with repayment schedules and terms.

Consolidated Petty Cash Balance Report

Monitor petty cash balances across your organization, ensuring sufficient funds for day-to-day expenses.

Provisional Entry

Record provisional expenses for future transactions, enabling accurate forecasting and planning.

Day Sheet

Generate day sheets to summarize daily financial transactions and activities.

Salary Advance

Process salary advances for employees, ensuring timely disbursement and accurate accounting.

Journal Voucher Report

View journal voucher reports to track all financial transactions recorded in the system.

Ready to Take Control of Your Finances?

Take charge of your financial management today with our comprehensive Expense Management solution.