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Are you struggling with inefficiencies across your sales funnel? Low lead capture rates, high dropout rates, and extended sales cycles can hinder your admissions process. But fear not, because MCB's Admission AI Assistant is here to revolutionize your approach to marketing, sales, and support.

The Problem: Inefficiencies Across Sales Funnel

Low Lead Capture: Only 2% average conversion from web traffic.

High Lead Dropout: Inconsistent follow-ups leading to dropout.

Extended Sales Cycle: Less than 15% admission conversion rate.

The Rise of Messaging Apps

With messaging apps gaining popularity, it's crucial to leverage these platforms for marketing, sales, and support. From WhatsApp to Instagram, these channels offer immense potential for engaging withyour audience and capturing leads.

Enterprise AI Assistant Platform

Our AI-powered platform assists employees in accelerating the sales funnel, ensuring seamless engagement, capture, and nurturing of leads. Here's what our products and capabilities offer:


Omni-channel Deployment: Engage with prospects across various channels.
Deep Customer Engagement: Showcase courses, FAQs, and unique selling points.
Up to 3X More Lead Capture: Convert existing visitors into qualified leads.


Automated Chat & Customer Engagement: Provide course information and schedule appointments.
Verified Business: Gain credibility with a "Verified Business" green tick.
High Open Rates & Response Rates: Achieve over 97% open rates and 20%+ response rates.


Omni-channel Lead Nurturing: Engage leads via WhatsApp, SMS, and email
Multi-Day Sequences: Follow up with personalized content over multiple touchpoints
Up to 30% Increase in Lead Return Rate: Boost lead return rates with hyper-personalized nurturing.



Use Cases & Possibilities

With MCB's Admission AI Assistant, streamlineyour admissions process, capture more leads, and enhance your sales funnel efficiency. Harness the power of AI to drive growth and success in your educational institution.

Supercharge Your Admissions with AI Assistant

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