Success Story – Student Performance Assessment Reports in Silver Oaks

Improving the educational performance of children is crucial from the perspective of any educational organization and also parents. A quality education is what gives the student the skills they need to be productive, responsible, creative which further contribute to the country’s social and economic prosperity. A quality education needs quality teaching and teachers are those […]

School Software for all round easy administration

The administration is the process or activity of running a business or an office or an organization. Administration of any organization refers to activities connected with organizing and supervising the way an organization or institution functions. For any organization to be successful in terms of productivity and efficient functioning requires management of administration. In other […]

Designing better schedules with school timetable software

Effective time management in every aspect of life yields to happy, disciplined, peaceful and above all a productive life. The advantages of managing the time efficiently can be harvested by anyone who does it. In this busy world, where people rarely get time to spend with their loved ones, have a meal together and often […]

Manage student examination grades with School Grade Management Software

Grades are vital for any student, any teacher, and any school. While the year-end results display the academic performance of students, they also exhibit the efficiency of teachers in grooming the students and imparting knowledge in them. For schools, what could be more acceptable and desirable than results which demonstrate the competency of schools, their […]

Why Parents love MyClassboard Fee Collection software?

The arrival of an online school management system has transformed the school administration system both in terms of productivity and managing school operations easily. The implementation of school management software has increased the efficiency of administrative processes assigned in the office by automating all the school operations and processes like admissions, fee collections, HR & […]

Time-saving resources for teachers in classroom

“Students will forget what the book taught. But they will never forget what the teacher said.”A teacher is a person who imparts knowledge in students, guides them, inspires and motivates them to strive for greatness. A teacher is also that person who influences the children’s development apart from the family. Teachers typically serve as role […]

MySchoolSMS – Instant Messaging between Schools and Parents

In this technology-driven world, everything is instant; instant food, instant transactions, instant bookings, instant purchases and instant communications. Earlier what took days, weeks or months for processing now takes hours or minutes. Such is the evolution of technology in the past few years that changed the face of living. Over the years, there has been […]

MyClassboard – Beyond School Management System Software

There is no doubt that school management system software is in demand today. For the proper functioning of any school, smooth workflow in each department is required and crucial too. A conventional method of school management would cost your time, efforts, resources and above all productivity. A school management software is designed and developed to […]

Mobile is the new face of parent engagement

Parent-school communication is a vital thing in helping students achieve and plays a prominent role in the physical, social, psychological and moral development of students. It is often recommended that there should be a strong relation built between schools and families. Practically speaking, in this technically advanced world, parent engagement is less seen with every […]

Refer Leads and Receive Referring Fee For Each Customer

 “Don’t Find Customers For Your Products, Find Products For Your Customers”Many schools these days are unhappy and displeased with the school management software that are available in the market and are looking for a complete school ERP that ensures smooth functioning of the administrative process of the institute. During their quest for one, the schools […]