Why MyClassboard - School Management Platform?

Why should you choose MyClassboard?

MyClassboard is a futuristic teaching tool that is being used to cut through the heavy workload of imparting education to children by integrating the advances in technology with the invaluable experience of teachers. Consider the conventional system of schooling : When we think about this we can easily picture a teacher sharing a classroom with a group of students for a stipulated amount of time drilling lessons into them, however what you and I and anybody else for that matter tend to overlook take for granted is the amount of work the teachers have to put in before and after each class. As part of this conventional teaching methods a teacher was responsible for far more number of things than just imparting the subject to the student, like taking attendance, maintaining correspondence with parents on regular intervals, keeping them abreast with the daily activities of the school and the child via updating the diary, preparing and conducting examinations and the laborious task of reporting the progress of the student that follows each examination. Don't you think it's time we consider the need of the hour and try to ease the burden on our teachers in any way we can, I do and so I would like to point out the advances MyClassboard is bringing to the field of education.

Our Unique Features

  • Using the specially designed applications for mobile platforms the amount of time and effort a teacher would spend on activities like marking the attendance and filing up school diaries (for lower standards/classes) would be drastically reduced, inturn increasing the time teachers get to actually teach children the subject.
  • By using the reporting aspect of the tool the teacher can simply upload the results of the students onto the application which can be directly sent across to the parents without any delays.
  • A version of the application which is specifically designed for the parents let's them access the overall and specific development of their children at the touch of a button, from their daily attendance, to their performance and progress can all be tracked by the parents with ease.
  • It's not only the teacher that benefits from the use of MyClassboard but a lot of clerical work for the school can also be handled by our awards winning application. The finance handling section of this application is especially true to this notion. The application tracks each student's due and paid amount and gives regular updates to parents via text messages or notifications on the application installed. Integration of the bank applications here is an added bonus as the parents who don't have the time to come and pay their child's fees can simply do an online transfer using the bank details of the school ready available on the MyClassboard application
  • Alternatively, we have also included transportation and hr/payroll aspect of the school into the application. With separate login credentials for the concerned departments the school authorities can access these sections. For instance the teachers can get a systematic approach to the management via the hr team and the transportation department can utilise the addresses and the GPS enabled maps provided schedule bus transportation for students and teachers in an effective manner.
  • The unique library integration into the application let's the librarian have peace of mind by easing up the work load. The students can log in and check as to availability of the books and subsequently borrow them from the library without hassle. It also helps the library by keeping a track of books borrowed per student so as to avoid the loss of books, timely reminders can be sent to the student to return the books and to the librarian to make efforts to collect them back.
  • By giving the concerned people the relevant log in credentials we can make sure that everybody has the required information. For example : A class teacher who is responsible for handling the day to day nuances a particular class need not be given access to intimation other classes, it's just not required, also the chairman who is concerned for the overall success of the school need not be privy to petite information's and so he/she would generally have access to the broader picture like how much money did the school make on a particular day or month and what are the expenditures, strength of staff and students is another item that is usually included in here.