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Biometric Integration in Schools and Benefits

The modern school is equipped with technology in every corner ensuring minimum human effort. Biometrics is one such technology integration for classroom use to help you track attendance with minimal effort. Tracking attendance of student or staff is the biggest challenge for any school. There are still some schools that enter the attendance in registers for both sessions in the day and save the data manually. The main drawback of this traditional attendance system is that there is no transparency of data. To ascertain the attendance tracking with increased processing speed and flexibility, MyClassboard has facilitated the biometric integration in schools.
The attendance of the students/teachers, tracking the in and out time of students/teachers, employee total work duration, lunch breaks etc., complete attendance can be automatized using biometric integration. Earlier, the biometric systems were connected to power or systems. But with technology enhancement, biometric attendance systems are available which are not dedicated to any particular system. This biometric integration in schools is either WiFi based or SIM based and data can be transferred to the server using the internet.
There are several types of biometric time and attendance machines used in industry like fingerprint based machine, face recognition system for attendance, thumb based attendance machine, IRIS recognition, retina recognition etc. Of all the above mentioned, fingerprint based attendance machine or RFID system are in much use in many Indian schools. Myclassboard is capable of integrating the staff or student attendance captured using biometric machine/RFID system seamlessly in less than a day.
Advantages of Myclassboard biometric integration in schools:
Shifts and Timings: Staff shifts and timings can be defined as per designations/departments using the MyClassboard biometric integration.
Automatic Display: System will automatically show the staff punch timings for that particular day and also segregates the data as per the rules set for permissions.
Student Absence: School management can easily track the students absent for that particular day from the biometric data and send an SMS to the parents notifying the same.
Staff Absence: Myclassboard Staff management system is capable of moderating the staff absence as leave/on duty etc.
Automate Payroll Processing: Myclassboard system caters to your own HR business rules and the same is integrated with the Myclassboard HR process management. Staff payroll can be automatically generated by integrating the biometrics to HR & Payroll of the school.
The other benefits of MyClassboard biometric integration in schools are it eliminates hours of payroll calculations, eliminates buddy punching, reports the employee attendance to Payroll & HR with accuracy and others. More than 60% of our existing clients are using our biometric integration and are highly benefitted. If you are also looking to increase your organization’s profitability, this is how you can do it.

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