Why are Schools Choosing MyClassboard?

Before elucidating our readers about why schools are choosing MyClassboard, we would like to mention our dear readers about our stand in the market and leave the question to themselves of why one should not choose MyClassboard. It was in the year 2008 when MyClassboard started its journey by taking its steps in the field […]

Need for Online School Management System

“Online School Management System” – A Friend in Need for many schools these days. One might be surprised how could it be? Speaking in general, for any school or educational institution students are the top priority and the prime focus and every school strives to impart knowledge in the students to contribute their part in […]

Customized Reports in School Management System

A school management system includes several tasks such as student’s registration, record keeping of attendance, generating report cards, producing an official transcript, preparing timetable and schedule of classes, managing transport, fee management and others. A school management software is a complete solution that caters the needs of school administration process. In the current system, we […]

MyClassboard offers Cloud-Based Software for Schools

Managing and handling the day-to-day activities of the school are considered burdensome no matter the size or level of the institution. Every department of the institution needs equal consideration and is important to be handled to ensure the proper and smooth working of the administration. In other words, a school chores should be treated no […]

Reasons to use School Admission Management System

From time to time learned people utter meaningful words in distinctive order which resemble some kind of adage and then others follow up this event by using these phrases to their understanding. I do not profess to be learned enough to cough up such a phrase but then again there is something that has been […]

How To Select Best Online School Management Software?

With many online school management software available in the market today and everybody claiming theirs to be the best, how would you choose the best school management software for your school? School management software generally offers the core capabilities like admissions, academics, scheduling, transport, fee collections etc. However, the requirements of schools differ from one […]

MyClassboard Sales Partnership Program

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand for any company and together they are the arm of the company that is vital for the successful business growth. Marketing and sales fall under the same roof of the department with different approaches and strategies that can be worked on mutual benefit to building the organization to drive revenues […]

MyClassboard FeeCollections Jumpstart Offer

MyClassboard announces its first ever start of the year bonanza. We are literally giving away our entire software solution package and here’s how to get it. Fee Collection module from MyClassboard free of cost for 3 MONTHS. Starting 1st Jan 2017 you can enroll with our sales team and start using the entire Fee Collection […]

4 Smarter Ways to Optimize Teaching through Technology in the Classroom

Teaching through technology in the classroom has changed the way students learn, instructors teach and  also improved the communication between teachers and students. Integrating technology in the classroom can be seen as an innovative approach for students to learn through different perspectives. This classroom software takes learning skills to a new level in students by increasing […]

5 Good Practices for Successful ERP Implementation in Educational Institution

For any business, implementation of ERP is the most crucial factor and the implementation may vary from one organization to other. However, with proper planning and execution, ERP implementation can be achieved successfully. Here are few practices that help in the successful ERP implementation in educational institution. Selecting ERP software Process review Data collection Training […]