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National Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) framework

Holistic Assessment tools available for teachers to create Learner’s profile covering strengths of the student, interests and performance of the students time to time along with Parents feedback on child continuous progress.

We embrace a holistic approach, nurturing your child's development across five domains.


Through movement, dance, and outdoor play, children build gross and fine motor skills, laying the groundwork for lifelong physical health.

Social & Emotional:

Learning about emotions, fostering self-confidence, and developing positive relationships with peers and adults equip children for social and emotional well-being.


Critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity flourish through exploration, experimentation, and engaging activities in various learning corners.

Language & Literacy:

Pre-reading, pre-writing, storytelling, rhymes, songs, and games pave the way for strong literacy skills and a love for language.

Arts & Aesthetics:

Music, dance, drama, and visual arts corners unlock children s creative potential and inspire self- expression.

Holistic Report Card

Celebrating every milestone

We believe in celebrating your child s unique journey. Our holistic report card goes beyond traditional grades, focusing on individual progress and learning across all domains. You ll see detailed observations, anecdotal entries, and evidence of your child s achievements in each area, providing a comprehensive Portfolio.

Subject areas covered

Capture Daily Routines


Circle Time:

Gatherings filled with songs, stories, discussions, and games build a sense of community and spark social interaction.


Dramatic Play Corner:

Children transform into pirates, astronauts, or everyday heroes, fostering imagination, language skills, and emotional expression.


Reading/Story Books Corner:

Snuggling up with a good book ignites a love for language, literacy, and creativity.


Puzzles & Blocks Corner:

Problem-solving and critical thinking bloom as children build, connect, and create in this engaging space.


Drawing/Painting Corner:

Colors come alive! Expressing emotions, exploring textures, and unleashing creativity are just a few benefits of this artistic haven.

Beyond the Corners

A world of discovery awaits

Creative Art Corner:

Music, dance, movement, and visual arts allow children to explore their artistic inclinations and develop self-expression.

Writing Corner:

From scribbles to sentences, the writing corner nurtures pre-writing and early literacy skills through play and experimentation.

Science Corner:

Curiosity takes center stage as children delve into the wonders of the natural world through interactive activities and exploration.

Music Corner:

Melodies and rhythms fill the air, fostering a love for music, developing language skills, and enhancing coordination.

Join the Playful Journey!

Our MCB’s Preschool Module aligned with NEP framework promises a nurturing environment where every child can discover their unique strengths and blossom into confident learners.

Join with us to let your students embark on a wondrous journey of learning, growth, and joy!

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