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MyClassboard Sales Partnership Program

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand for any company and together they are the arm of the company that is vital for the successful business growth. Marketing and sales fall under the same roof of the department with different approaches and strategies that can be worked on mutual benefit to building the organization to drive revenues and profits. The term marketing encompasses business programs to reach the prospect, persuade him and close the deal. However, sales can be seen as a powerhouse that has the power to change conditions and transform situations resulting in the lead closure and making them clients or customers.

Sales partnership program for an organization (MyClassboard) is a specifically designed team whose members (sales persons) are proactive in developing a demand for the product, generating leads which are executed with a specific strategy to close the deal. Successful sales partnerships with MyClassboard requires the development of trust as the foundation for a long-term relationship and every partner has an ability to independently sell our products and represent our company in a professional manner.

Every agent associated with schools or colleges could be a sales partner to MyClassboard aw well whereby he could refer or promote our product to that institute. That particular agent who has a strong relationship with the schools comes up with a necessity or requirement of the school say it is in need of an ERP, he recommends them of the products and services of MyClassboard.

Many schools are unhappy and displeased with the school management software and are looking for a complete school ERP that ensures smooth functioning of the administrative process of the institute and have even burnt their hands in their quest for one. Considering the requirement, the agent promotes the software solution produced by MyClassboard. He generates leads for us and it is now the marketing team’s part to close that lead. For every successful closure that sales partner is rewarded with an incentive.

For an instance, as a sales partner of MyClassboard, you will have access to our software and opportunity to grow your business simultaneously benefitting both by white-labeling our product. This is where a channel sales partner re-brands the product or service produced by MyClassboard company (producer) as theirs to make it appear as if they had made, in return giving a compensation to the producer. This can be a great way to make our products a good fit for others ideally benefitting both the companies.

These strategic approaches help in developing and leveraging our core competency, maximizing our opportunities, extending our portfolio and staying ahead in the competition.

MyClassboard is open to all such capable and competent salespersons and channel sales partners with complementary talents providing them with an opportunity to expand their business and benefit from our portfolio.

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