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Welcome to Smart School App for
School Admins & Management

Elevate School Administration with
Our Smart School App

Empower school administrators and management with advanced features designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. From fee collection to communication, our Smart School App offers comprehensive functionalities to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions.


Fee Collection Details:

Gain insights into fee collection details, including graphical and tabular views for easy analysis and tracking, with weekly updates.

Admission Summary:

Access a comprehensive summary of admissions, including inquiries, forms, sales, registrations, and admissions data, providing a holistic view of enrollment processes.

Student Management:

Search for students and view detailed information, including attendance summaries, facilitating efficient student management and monitoring.

Staff Attendance:

Track staff attendance details, ensuring transparency and accountability in workforce management.

Circular Management:

View and add circulars, facilitating communication and dissemination of important information within the school community.

Homework Reports:

Generate reports on homework assigned by teachers, enabling monitoring and evaluation of student assignments.

School Calendar:

Access monthly and yearly calendars, providing a comprehensive overview of school events, holidays, and important dates.

Staff Management:

Search for staff members and view detailed profiles, facilitating effective communication and coordination.

Communication Tools:

Communicate with staff and students through the app, enabling seamless interaction and collaboration.

SMS Communication:

Send SMS messages to students and staff directly from the app, ensuring timely communication and updates.

Library Management:

Access details on library resources, including available, issued, returned, overdue, and discarded books, promoting efficient library management.

Meal Menu:

View meal menus, providing visibility into daily or weekly food offerings for students.

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