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Empowering Seamless Education

Integrating Google Classroom with MyClassboard brings a new level of efficiency and collaboration to your educational institution.
Here's how:

Key Features

Integrated with G Suite

Seamlessly connect with your school's G Suite domain, enabling easy access and management of emails, documents, and more.

Automated Emails

Streamline communication by automatically sending emails to students upon admission and staff upon recruitment, ensuring everyone stays informed.

Classroom Management

Simplify classroom management by efficiently organizing classrooms, assigning teachers, and facilitating collaboration among co-teachers.

Resource Reusability

Centrally store and reuse assignments and resources across academic years, saving time and promoting consistency in teaching materials.

Email Inactivation

Automatically deactivate student and staff emails upon transfer certificate issuance or resignation, ensuring data security and compliance.

Parent Communication

Enhance parent-student communication through integration with Google Calendar and Classroom APIs, enabling easy access to important updates and events.

Google Authentication

Provide seamless access to the Parent Mobile App and MCB Smart School App through Google Authentication, enhancing user convenience and security.

Microsoft Teams Integration: Enabling Dynamic Online Learning

Key Highlights:

Secure Single Sign On

Conduct online classes effortlessly with MCB Microsoft Teams, allowing participants to join meetings using unique links generated within MyClassboard.

Unique Meeting Links

Easily create and share meeting links to facilitate communication, collaboration, and document sharing, all within the familiar MyClassboard environment.

Scheduled Meetings

Schedule meetings directly within MyClassboard channels, sending calendar invites to students for seamless access and organization.

Interactive Discussions

Engage students through interactive discussions, screen sharing, and chat features, fostering active participation and learning.

Class Collaboration

Utilize channels for class collaboration and discussion, enabling focused communication and resource sharing around specific subjects or topics.

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