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Welcome to our comprehensive PDC Management solution, designed to simplify the process of handling post-dated checks (PDCs) for your institution. With features tailored to meet your financial needs, our system ensures efficient PDC deposits, clearances, and summaries, allowing you to maintain accurate records and streamline transactions seamlessly.

PDC Management Features

PDC Management Features

Easily record and track PDC deposits, ensuring timely processing and accurate documentation of incoming payments.

PDC Deposit Clearance

Streamline the clearance process for PDC deposits, minimizing delays and optimizing cash flow management.

PDC Summary

Gain insights into your institution's financial health with comprehensive summaries of PDC transactions and balances.


PDC Clearance Report

Generate detailed reports on PDC clearance activities, providing valuable insights for financial analysis and decision-making.

PDC Search

Quickly locate specific PDCs within your system using advanced search functionalities, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

PDC Summary

Access summarized views of PDC transactions and balances across academic years and branches, facilitating comprehensive financial reporting.

Academic Year and Branch Integration:

Seamlessly integrate PDC management across academic years and branches, ensuring consistency and accuracy in financial operations

Enhance Your Financial Management Today

Unlock the power of efficient PDC management with our intuitive solution.