Why MyClassboad

At MyClassboard, we light up as beacons of innovation in
the wide ocean of India's educational software industry.

Our core mission?

Revolutionizing the educational experience with our cutting-edge School ERP Software. It is more than an instrument for schools, teachers, and students; it is a bridge that links them toward a future where efficiency, security, and connectivity redefine the paradigms of education.
MyClassboard is more than a service provider: it’s the partner that helps you make your educational environments a hub of excellence and innovation.

Our Vision: Empowering Education with Technology

At the heart of MyClassboard lies a vision that dreams of a world in which technology and education interlace seamlessly to propel schools toward their zenith of operational efficiency and educational quality. Our platform is a realization rich with over 40 comprehensive modules.
From the administration to academic life, it covers every cranny of your school management, all nestled within our cloud-based ecosystem to make sure your institution thrives, come what may.

Complete School Management:

Our platform does exactly what a complete solution for an institution says ensures smooth operations through all departments.

Accessibility That's Cloud-Based:

Access your school s operational backbone from anywhere to everywhere with MyClassboard, and let its accessibility be your efficiency and flexibility.

Intuitive Multi-School Management:

Our system makes more than one branch and up to managing educational boards, with easy multi-school management features.

User-Friendly Experience:

Designed with stakeholders of the educational community in mind, the platform makes it quite easy for any of the said stakeholders to transition onto it.

Unmatched Data Security:

Our highest preference is for data security, which puts multi-level protections in a multi-user environment.

Role-Based Access Control:

Increasing security and accountability, access permissions for each type of user and their corresponding roles are customizable.

Franchise Management:

Our centralized management solutions provide streamlined approaches for managing the education chain.

Cost-effective pricing:

MyClassboard offers very competitive and flexible pricing, which meets all ranges of budgetary requirements.

Live Dashboards & Reports:

Make decisions with powerful insights and in-the-moment data.

API Integration:

Extend the school s online reach through seamless integration of the APIs in forms and applications.

Activity Logs & Productivity Tools:

Monitor employee activity and increase productivity using our detailed logs and productivity tools.

Parental Engagement:

Reinforce the home-school link through our purpose-developed parents app that keeps parents aware and engaged.

Reliable Support:

Our commitment to quality does extend even to our support staff, and we ensure that you get the assistance you need when you need it.

2800+ Leading schools around the world

Your family MyClassboard experience: redefining the educational landscape one innovative feature at a time. Experience a powerful transformation as new technology leads your institution toward educational excellence.