Online School College Management Software with SMS
With the advent of 21st century everything has become smarter; smart phones, smart technology, smart televisions etc. Institutions too took the smart way by upgrading from old traditional administration model to a more sophisticated and easily manageable platform. The online school college management software is the smart platform that manages and optimizes the administration processes of schools and colleges with accurate and timely access to reliable information.
However, despite the smart platform that fosters the requirements of the school processes, schools needed an instant communication channel to interact with parents on a regular basis. SMS is the only instant medium that meets the challenge and many schools are now using the SMS feature to communicate with parents. SMS is the key feature and its integration with various modules of the school college management software can reap benefits for the school management.  
SMS integration helps in sending messages to all parents alerting them with respect to student’s attendance, fee payment, events etc. Having an SMS integrated solution automatically sends messages to the parents regarding the parent-teacher meeting, staff meeting etc. This acts as a connecting bridge and as a reminder system for sending notifications, alerts and user prompt reminders.
Integrated SMS alert in Attendance Module:
MyClassboard has enabled this added feature in its student attendance module that works for the benefit of students, parents and the management alike. During the absence of students to the class, parents will be sent an SMS stating their ward is absent to the school. In the case of consecutive absence of the student for 3 days or more, an alert will be sent simultaneously to the principal, parents, and teachers.
Integrated SMS Alert in Fee Collection Module:
Integrating the fee collection module with the SMS feature sends timely alerts to parents about the fee payment and due date. Using this service the parents can also be sent an intimation or notification SMS on their registered mobile numbers upon successful fee payment. For all parents who wish to pay the school fees via cheques can be intimated with automatic SMS if the cheque gets bounced for any reason.
SMS Notifications:
Having integrated with the SMS service, teachers can send an SMS for any events like holidays, important notices, child’s academic progress, etc., and also intimate parents about special days and activities in schools.
Identifying the need for an instant communication that can be worked easily through an SMS, MyClassboard has integrated the SMS service to its online school college management software making communication easier and better.
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