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5 Good Practices for Successful ERP Implementation in Educational Institution

For any business, implementation of ERP is the most crucial factor and the implementation may vary from one organization to other. However, with proper planning and execution, ERP implementation can be achieved successfully. Here are few practices that help in the successful ERP implementation in educational institution.

Selecting ERP software

Process review

Data collection


Go live

Selecting ERP: With many school ERPs available in the market, it’s critically important which ERP vendor to select. ERP software solutions that are efficient, much faster and easier to deploy should be the priority for any institute to select an ERP. It is very difficult to evaluate as in which vendor supports your product. So it is always recommended a research is done before purchasing an ERP product. The software solution of the selected ERP product should not only fit the educational institution and business model but also be up to date with technology. Evaluation is very crucial before investing in school ERP.

Process review: After the school ERP is selected, a deep analysis has to be made on whether the ERP meets the objectives and current business process. Before installing the school ERP software, create a project team of end-users who can scrutinize the entire process and meet the objectives. The ERP technology should transform the business both in terms of productivity and monetization. It is always good to have ERP consultants around who can guide you through the entire process of implementation.

Data collection: The next step is to gather all the data that needs to be collected in the database. A clear analysis of the complete data available has to be done to determine which data is needed and to be uploaded to the database. Create spreadsheets to collect the data that should be included in the database and segment the data. After the data is entered into the database, check for the accuracy and completeness of the data.

Training: One of the vital steps for successful ERP implementation in Educational Institution is training the ERP project team. Select an efficient project team which can contribute to the completion of the project led by a capable project leader. The project team should be well-trained with the software and tested whether the information available is accurate and working correctly. Training is the important process for successful implementation of ERP as many organizations directly operate the ERP software without training ending in errors and failure.

Go live: Once the ERP solution is properly tested and implemented, it is the time to go live. However, it is advisable to pursue one additional functionality test before going live. An ERP solution is a continuous process and not a one-time event hence the system needs to be constantly reviewed. The processes and applications should be assessed for suitability and purpose. It should be constantly evaluated to maximize the return on investment.

All the above factors and their efficient processing constitute towards the successful ERP implementation in educational institution which integrates the administration processes like fee management, attendance, finance management, transport, infrastructure and others into a single system that can be maintained and consistently updated.

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