Why are Schools Choosing MyClassboard?
Before elucidating our readers about why schools are choosing MyClassboard, we would like to mention our dear readers about our stand in the market and leave the question to themselves of why one should not choose MyClassboard. It was in the year 2008 when MyClassboard started its journey by taking its steps in the field of educational software. When many such organizations falter during the initial process, MyClassboard, unlike others, made a solid ground for itself to stand, overcoming every single barrier that came along the way.
During this journey, MyClassboard (MCB) started taking the staircase step by step upgrading its product in tune to the emerging trends. It has been 9 years since it was born and till date, it has fostered its services to more than 8,00,000 students in 1200 schools across 120 cities throughout India. MyClassboard made its presence felt across the nation and also in some Middle-Eastern countries.
Now, one would wonder what made MCB stand tall in the market and set up a province for itself! The answer is simple; when all schools were struggling to manage their administration processes and school chores, MyClassboard put forth it’s school management software that would ease the burden on school management. Thousands of students, hundreds of admission queries, piles of attendance sheets and report cards, MyClassboard application ushers you to streamline all your administrative tasks hassle-free and monitor operations of every department closely.
MCB is a cloud-based service that has been helping school administrators to manage all the clerical tasks involved in running a school like managing student & staff data, streamlining administrative tasks, maximizing communication between school and parent and inspiring the students to perform better and learn faster.
MCB is an all-in-one service to manage schools and colleges. It has everything your institution will ever need like Admissions module, Gradebook, Parent Teacher communicator, Attendance tracker, Reporting Tool, Transport management application, Fee management application and many other feature rich modules.
Apart from the above-mentioned features, MyClassboard helps the school management to accumulate all the data in one place, saves the precious time and resources, gives up to date information at your fingertips. It also provides an end-to-end solution with more than 95% client retention. It is an easy-to-use, cost-effective and flexible operating system for your school that offers round the clock support for services. The best and unique feature of it being never denying for any genuine customization.
MyClassboard has been successful in catering its services to schools and earned the recognition of becoming India’s most widely used school management software. With many school management software available in the market, MyClassboard made every attempt to stand unique from all of them and caught the eye of many. With all the above-mentioned functionalities, why wouldn’t one choose MyClassboard?
If you are also willing to join the list of our esteemed clients and wondering how to do it; here we are to give you a foretaste of our product by allowing you a free trial. Try our software for free and know it for yourself.
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