Data Management in your School ERP – MyClassboard

Schools have begun to recognize the importance of effectively managing data and been following various practices to achieve it. The sheer volume of data that must be managed by educational institutes has increased so markedly that the staff often feels overwhelmed to manage it. A school ERP is a comprehensive tool that effectively manages and […]

Need for Online School Management System

“Online School Management System” – A Friend in Need for many schools these days. One might be surprised how could it be? Speaking in general, for any school or educational institution students are the top priority and the prime focus and every school strives to impart knowledge in the students to contribute their part in […]

K-12 School Bus Transportation Software

When talking about K-12 School Bus Transportation Software, the prominent thing that needs to be concentrated on is the bus tracking system. You might ask us whether the bus tracking is indeed that important? Without any hesitation, we would say YES considering the student safety and road safety.  It is obvious because school buses are […]

How To Select Best Online School Management Software?

With many online school management software available in the market today and everybody claiming theirs to be the best, how would you choose the best school management software for your school? School management software generally offers the core capabilities like admissions, academics, scheduling, transport, fee collections etc. However, the requirements of schools differ from one […]

Fast and Easy Management of School Admission Process

With the increasing number of student admissions into Schools, Colleges and Universities causing enormous pressure on the administration, there was much need to put an end to the old practices of using ink and paper. The old method used was not only time consuming but also required huge efforts to manage and arrange the admission […]