Why are Schools Choosing MyClassboard?

Before elucidating our readers about why schools are choosing MyClassboard, we would like to mention our dear readers about our stand in the market and leave the question to themselves of why one should not choose MyClassboard. It was in the year 2008 when MyClassboard started its journey by taking its steps in the field […]

School Management Software Rising in India

The reminiscing history of Indian Education system has seen a gigantic transformation over the past decades. Starting with the ancient Educational system comprising the Gurukula system of education in which the pupils stayed at the guru’s (teacher) place and were taught everything that a guru could teach, to the modern education system where every child […]

5 Good Practices for Successful ERP Implementation in Educational Institution

For any business, implementation of ERP is the most crucial factor and the implementation may vary from one organization to other. However, with proper planning and execution, ERP implementation can be achieved successfully. Here are few practices that help in the successful ERP implementation in educational institution. Selecting ERP software Process review Data collection Training […]