Designing better schedules with school timetable software

Effective time management in every aspect of life yields to happy, disciplined, peaceful and above all a productive life. The advantages of managing the time efficiently can be harvested by anyone who does it. In this busy world, where people rarely get time to spend with their loved ones, have a meal together and often […]

Time-saving resources for teachers in classroom

“Students will forget what the book taught. But they will never forget what the teacher said.”A teacher is a person who imparts knowledge in students, guides them, inspires and motivates them to strive for greatness. A teacher is also that person who influences the children’s development apart from the family. Teachers typically serve as role […]

Data Management in your School ERP – MyClassboard

Schools have begun to recognize the importance of effectively managing data and been following various practices to achieve it. The sheer volume of data that must be managed by educational institutes has increased so markedly that the staff often feels overwhelmed to manage it. A school ERP is a comprehensive tool that effectively manages and […]