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Mobile is the new face of parent engagement

Parent-school communication is a vital thing in helping students achieve and plays a prominent role in the physical, social, psychological and moral development of students. It is often recommended that there should be a strong relation built between schools and families. Practically speaking, in this technically advanced world, parent engagement is less seen with every parent being busy in their works and workplaces. However, one should not be taken aback that parents would not want to involve in their children’s education.
Every parent wants to get involved deeply with the education process, provide support, help, and other aid to the students. Sometimes there are even chances that parents do not get time from their busy lives to actively engage in their kids’ lives. Parents often find it difficult to find the time to speak to teachers directly. Despite all this, parents still want to know about their child’s progress, what’s happening in the class, the classroom activities, and how their child is performing. They often want to communicate with teachers, share their concerns and opinions. This is where technology plays its role.
It’s no doubt that these days mobile devices are the new face of communication and there would be none who would not have it vibrating in their pockets. For those parents who want to hear about their child’s academic performance and expect the same information to be communicated to them regularly and early, mobile communication is the feasible solution. To improve parent engagement, schools have opted rather shifted their base to the mobile platform that empowers schools to easily communicate with parents while saving the significant time and effort of teachers and parents.
Parent engagement through mobile technology has become significant these days and is expected to become increasingly more important in the days to come. Cognizing the essentiality for teacher-parent engagement in this ever-connected mobile world, MyClassboard delivers a mobile web experience that will engage parents in constant communication with teachers. School Communication Software proposed by MyClassboard is the current trend bridging gap between parents and teachers and improving the interaction. Its various communication channels include SMS service, mobile apps for parents and teachers, and digital diary that foster effective parent engagement.
Instant Communication Software:To make sure parents are constantly updated with important school information, the SMS service using mobile devices is an excellent way. Basic information like student enrollment times, fee payment details, school bus information, reminders for holidays and school closures, and even changes to important school policies can all be sent via mobile technology. It is a widely accepted fact that almost every member of the family has a mobile phone and electronic communications are a sure way to reach parents on a regular basis. These electronic copies of newsletters reduce costs for the school and make access to important school information easier for parents.
Online Communication Software: For those parents who find it difficult to find the time to speak to teachers directly, phone calls can serve the purpose but not to the full extent as it may not be possible for many working families and teachers. Online communication is the need of the hour that enables teachers and parents to discuss a student’s performance on their own time and which allows direct access to teacher and parent through inbuilt communication tool that works along the lines of a traditional email service.
Mobile App for Parents: MyClassboard offers a custom android mobile app for parents using which parents can download school announcements, class assignments, event notifications. They can also view daily diary uploaded by teachers and access the report card of their wards using the app. Parents can also view attendance of their child for that particular day or week or month and keep themselves updated with the upcoming events or news feed of the school.
Digital Diary: The best feature of school communication management software empowered by MyClassboard is “Digital Diary”, using which all the information related to assignments or homework will be directly uploaded to the app. Parents and students can access this module which keeps them updated with the classroom activities. Parents now don’t have to wait for their children to get their diaries to check the assignments or homework to be done.
The benefits of parent engagement through mobile technology are aplenty. Using this not only will parents be more aware of school activities, but also can receive updates regarding their children’s academic status. A text or email notification regarding a child’s academic performance or attendance or classroom behaviour would spur parent engagement and further makes parents more aware of the child’s development.
With the mobile technology facilitated by MyClassboard, teachers and parents are being able to communicate effectively with each other and can easily discuss the regular activities and other important points that parents must be aware of about their kids. When schools invite and encourage parent involvement, parents are more likely to become engaged.

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