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Success Story – Student Performance Assessment Reports in Silver Oaks

Improving the educational performance of children is crucial from the perspective of any educational organization and also parents. A quality education is what gives the student the skills they need to be productive, responsible, creative which further contribute to the country’s social and economic prosperity. A quality education needs quality teaching and teachers are those who use their might and expertise to infuse knowledge into the students to make them better and influential citizens. However, apart from doing the best that usually a teacher does, i.e, to teach, teachers also have yet another obligation to fulfill. And that includes the performance assessment of every individual student in the class. Frankly speaking, every day, teachers use their professional judgment to assess how their students are performing in the class and what additional assistance is required to support and motivate them in achieving their full potential. Despite this, there is one thing that analyses the performance of students and it is the student examination. Every student in any educational institute is assessed based on these examinations and the student performance assessment reports display the achievement of students and also the potential of teachers in improving their performance.
While preparing kids to excel in their performance is one task, student performance assessment followed by reports is yet another major task for the teachers and the school management. This has been a major concern for many schools and they often look for a substitute that will replace the manual processing of student performance assessment reports. One of our ardent client’s “Silver Oaks International School” found student performance assessment reporting a tough nut to crack. Calculating the scholastic and co-scholastic grades, entering the grades in report cards, generating the report cards was a mammoth task to that school just like all other schools. This was the scenario prior to inculcating MyClassboard school management software. The instance they incorporated our school management software to their system, it’s no longer the same again. This is one of the most appreciated acknowledgment we received from Silver Oaks International School concerning the student performance assessment reports that it indeed changed the way things were before. The Gradebook module or the school grade management software commissioned by MyClassboard put an end to all their efforts and chaos. Grade calculation and report card generation are all the more simple now; with our various unique features imbibed in the software and customization being on among those, the school started customizing its own assessment reports to their heart’s content.
The customized report card feature enables the school management to design their own report cards with the look and feel of the design they desire. To support greater transparency, MyClassboard school grade management software has accumulated more than 35+ formats of report cards as per CBSE standards. With an overall experience of more than 8 years in the educational industry, MyClassboard has everything you will ever need; a solution for every problem, an answer to every question and a peculiar technique to get you through all your major concerns. This is what helped Silver Oaks school to overcome the issue by clinging to our software. Student performance assessment reports of the individual student, class-wise reports, subject-wise reports, assessment reports of teachers, overall assessment report of the students for the entire academic year, this is what Silver Oaks has in its pocket.
Student Performance Assessment Reports was one of the major concern that was addressed by MyClassboard. Another critical issue that was a thorn in the flesh for the same school was the fee collection process. It’s the same old tale that everyone has been hearing for the past few decades; the school fee collection. Now, we all know, collecting fees, entering the data, generating fee receipt simultaneously for a larger school and an international school like Silver Oaks is not as easy as we discuss. Parents, on the other hand, find it stressful to come to the school by taking time out of their busy schedule, stand in the queue and pay the fee. This entire process made the school management to think of adopting a fee collection software that makes the fee management operation hassle-free and time-saving. Yet again, MyClassboard with the various modules in its school management software came like a dawn. The Fee Collection Software proposed by MyClassboard has helped the school to get off the intricacies involved in the fee collection process. The online fee payment gateway integration with accessibility to pay the fee online from anywhere and on a highly secured platform has made it easy for parents to pay the fee. This has further inculcated in the instant transactions of the fee paid to the school thereby encouraging all the parents to pay the fee online. Fee payment and collection is no more a stress now. School staff enjoys the fee collection process as much as the parents do as they both have nothing much to do from their end.
Silver Oaks stands as the best example for other schools that too are in the same phase of trying to get rid of the old practices of generating report cards manually, calculating grades, entering the grades in the report cards, collecting fee manually, fee receipt generation and receipt printing. “Time to do away with all the conventional methods and embrace technology enabled school software for the smooth functioning of the administration processes” is what Silver Oaks International School claims and proclaims too. We are thankful and privileged to have Silver Oaks as a part of our family and are looking forward to having many such esteemed schools. We are grateful for the pleasure of serving Silver Oaks all these years.
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