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MySchoolSMS – Instant Messaging between Schools and Parents

In this technology-driven world, everything is instant; instant food, instant transactions, instant bookings, instant purchases and instant communications. Earlier what took days, weeks or months for processing now takes hours or minutes. Such is the evolution of technology in the past few years that changed the face of living. Over the years, there has been none who was not influenced by this transition, schools were not an exception too. When talking about a school, the vital factor that is required to ensure a smooth running of a school is communication, and an effective communication between schools and families is the necessity to keep parents in the loop. With the evolving technology, schools started looking for an instant communication platform to interact with parents on a regular basis. Catering the need of all such schools that are in search of an instant communication channel, MyClassboard furnishes MySchoolSMS as its premium product that makes communication easier and better.
Over the decade, schools were using telephones as a communication platform to contact parents. However, it might not always be possible for parents to answer the phone calls every time in this busy world. Moreover, schools had some important notifications concerning the behaviour of students, attendance, performance and other classroom related activities that need to be communicated to parents instantly. Eventually, many schools started looking for an instant communication platform to interact with parents and the only way through which information sharing can be instant is through an SMS. MySchoolSMS is an effective and easy messenger tool that acts as a connecting bridge and also as a reminder system between parents and teachers, making communication interactive.
What MySchoolSMS has for schools?
If you are a school and you want to notify parents about some important information like intimation of school closures due to unexpected events, remind parents of upcoming events in schools like annual day, sports day celebrations, or information regarding parent-teacher meetings, ward’s daily or monthly attendance, school transport alerts to all those transport availing kids, festivals and Birthday wishes, MySchoolSMS helps the schools to do so immediately through individual SMS or in bulk. Enabling the schools to choose the most effective way to communicate, MySchoolSMS stages a perfect platform for schools to send SMS to parents and communicate with them as and when needed.
MySchoolSMS helps the schools in sending messages to all parents alerting them with respect to student’s attendance, fee payment, events etc.
Parent-Teacher Meetings
Parents can be intimated beforehand with parent-teacher meetings. Any changes in the schedule of the same, MySchoolSMS will allow you to directly contact the parents regarding any changes made.
SMS works really well for schools when it comes to student’s attendance. Any concern over child’s attendance, send an alert to the parents with an SMS stating the irregularity. Needless to say, it’s a great way of informing parents about the child who is absent to the school.
Performance Grades
For parents who want to hear about their child’s academic performance and expect this information to be communicated to them regularly and early, this is the most feasible and convenient way of communication between parents and teachers. Parents will be intimated of the child performance by sending the grades through SMS.
Outstanding Fees
Using the MySchoolSMS messaging feature, schools can send timely alerts to parents about the fee payment and due date. Parents can be sent an intimation or notification SMS on their registered mobile numbers upon successful fee payment. Parents can also be alerted of the outstanding fee by sending them reminders through SMS.
Transport Alerts
Parents can be notified with an SMS regarding any changes in the pickup and arrival of school buses. In a case of an emergency like breakdown, parents will be sent an alert SMS intimating the same. This assures peace of mind to parents regarding the safety and security of their children.
Event Reminders
MySchoolSMS can be used for a variety of other different reminders by the schools and teachers. Parents can be reminded about school events like annual day celebrations, cultural day programs, sports day function and other important events that are taking place during the school year.
Send SMS to target group
Schools and teachers can use the messaging platform to send SMS to all students or a target group of audience.
Free Pricing
Using MySchoolSMS platform comes at a free price, i.e, schools do not have to pay for using our software. Schools only have to pay for the SMS they are using to interact with parents.
Online Recharge
MySchoolSMS offers schools with online recharge facility and SMS recharge plans.
MySchoolSMS is widely being used across more than 1000 schools since 5 years and is proved to be a most stable and successful module across the market in Indian Educational Industry. MySchoolSMS enables effective communication between schools and families and helps to improve parent engagement.
Here is what one of our ardent clients has to say about MySchoolSMS – “There is no doubt MySchoolSMS application has enhanced the working environment of our school. MySchoolSMS has helped us in improving the communication between teachers, students and parents. We can now intimate students and parents regarding holidays, parent-teacher meeting and other events with just an SMS. This SMS service has removed a burden from our shoulders of old practices like generating notices to all students across the school. Any information or news to be passed on can be done instantly. Thanks to MySchoolSMS. Seetha Murthy, Director Education, Principal of Silver Oaks”
Our dedicated team of experts is available to help you in every step whenever you come across any kind of issue in sending SMS/ recharging your SMS account. What are you waiting for? Come join us.

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