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MyClassboard – Beyond School Management System Software

There is no doubt that school management system software is in demand today. For the proper functioning of any school, smooth workflow in each department is required and crucial too. A conventional method of school management would cost your time, efforts, resources and above all productivity. A school management software is designed and developed to simplify the time-consuming tasks quickly and accurately.
There are numerous school management system software available now and claim to meet the goals of your school. However, a multi-user system software can be relied on when it comes to taking care of the entire administrative cycle of the school. MyClassboard is an integrated and all-in-one school management software that will help you manage your school operations on tips.
Apart from efficiently managing the school operations of all departments, MyClassboard goes much beyond than just being a school management system software. It offers a suite of solutions that help the school administrators to manage all clerical tasks in running a school.
School Admission Software: A full student lifecycle management system for your school and a comprehensive admission software that enables effortless admission process.
School Grade Management Software: Manage all your students’ examinations, grades, report cards and customize student examination report cards using our software.
School Communication Software: Foster effective communication between teachers and parents and improve parent engagement. Develop a constant and uninterrupted interaction between the schools and parents.
Fee Management Software: Manage the operations of fee collection and fee receipt generation, accept online fee payment, automate fee receipt entries and printing with our school fee collection software.
School Transportation Software: Manage bus routes and stops, student transport data, transport attendance, transport expenses, GPS tracking and vehicle details up to date using our transport management system.
HR & Payroll management system: Manage the entire employee lifecycle of your organization using the Employee management software. Maintain information on human resource data like staff recruitment, payroll management, staff leaves management, salary generation.
Library management system software: Maintain a complete record of books issued and returned, check the availability of books and catalog various book in the library.
The aforementioned are a few modules offered by MyClassboard school management system software that manages and handles the school chores with relative ease. Walking an extra mile, here are rich functional features that separate MyClassboard from other competitors in the market.
Paperless Administration: MyClassboard works in solidarity with the world in ensuring paperless management in schools through its various modules. Your institute will become a paperless organization.
Empowers Teachers: MyClassboard enables the schools to empower teachers and other staff members by providing them insightful reports about student performance analytics. These will not only help the students learn better but also enables the teachers to lay emphasis on those students who need additional assistance and work on it.
Online Payments Integration: MyClassboard has collaborated with major banks across the country and other online payment aggregators to allow parents to pay fees online without having to come to the school or college. This facility has now also been extended to the mobile platforms as well enabling the parents to pay fees from anywhere at their convenience and comfort.
Mobile Apps: MyClassboard has complete mobile application functionality enabling you to access all features from an application on your phone. It also allows multiple login IDs with customized dashboards for students, parents and teachers giving easy access to every information they need.
Smart attendance: The new age concepts like biometric devices, swipe cards etc., can be integrated with MyClassboard for smarter attendance management. The attendance of the students/teachers, tracking the in and out time of students/teachers, complete attendance can be automatized using biometric integration.
Automates Payroll Processing: Staff payroll can be automatically generated by integrating the biometrics to HR & Payroll of the school.
Customizable: MyClassboard acknowledges the fact that each school might have and want some certain features that are incorporated in the software. To meet the purpose, MyClassboard has a dedicated team of developers team ever ready to accommodate any kind of customizations you may need.
Affordable: MyClassboard has always offered its services for the lowest costs in the market and continues to do so. Schools and colleges of any size can easily afford our services and avail our many products.
Free Trial: MyClassboard comes with a free pricing plan where all MyClassboard services are available free of cost on trial basis for schools or colleges across the globe.
Round the clock support: MyClassboard has dedicated teams in various locations across the country to help you throughout the implementation process and post implementation as well. The support team is available 24×7.
Earn with MyClassboard: MyClassboard offers a referral partnership program for young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs who wish to partner with us and promote the benefits and specialized features of MyClassboard into the remote corners of the country by providing them a certain percentage of deal value as the incentive.
Improves Productivity: MyClassboard is user-friendly software for teachers and administration department that simplifies the tasks to a great extent and makes the school administrative tasks much easy and manageable further contributing to the improved productivity of the institute.
With all the enumerated features and benefits of MyClassboard and much more in its pocket, makes our clients look it as not just as a school management system software but see beyond it. There’s no exaggeration that MyClassboard has made its presence globally making more than 1200 clients happy.

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