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School Software for all round easy administration

The administration is the process or activity of running a business or an office or an organization. Administration of any organization refers to activities connected with organizing and supervising the way an organization or institution functions. For any organization to be successful in terms of productivity and efficient functioning requires management of administration. In other words, administration management has become an important function for every successful organization and plays an essential role in ensuring the businesses run smoothly.
The increasing competition in the business has raised a demand for efficient functioning which further navigated companies to strategize ways of improvement in the functional procedures and operations. Schools too (educational organization), fall under the same category and are one among those who look for planning, coordinating, directing and implementing aspects of several functionalities to ensure effective administration management. When thinking of the conventional schooling administration system, the administrative management was the process of managing the different departments of the school, managing information through people, keeping a track of latest updates in the school, involving all the school staff for active participation of work on a regular basis. Reiterating the whole process every day have prompted schools to have an administration software for effective working of the school processes. After much debate whether to go for a school software or not, few schools finally incorporated the school software to their system replacing the manual administration process.
Adopting a school software to substitute the traditional administration management indeed proved to be a strategic fit for many schools that have opted for it. When speaking about school administration, the term “administration” refers to an umbrella encompassing a number of processes such as admissions, scheduling, fee collection, parent-teacher interaction, parent-school coordination, controlling, evaluating the performance of students, teachers and many others.
The educational organization has a set of purposes and goals to fulfill apart from providing quality education. The major thing what anyone considers or gives a thought to when talking about a school or college or university is the quality education it provides and the quantity of knowledge it imparts in the students. Unquestionably, this is a prominent thing and a highly prioritized aspect. Other things that deserve a consideration and serious work are the operations involved in the administrative side. A perfect school software like MyClassboard built a concrete path for schools that are in quest of a school administration software. MyClassboard school software automates the operations and processes of all departments under one roof and empowers smooth running of the school.
MyClassboard school management software fosters the institutions of any type or size in managing the various tasks pertaining to several departments like student data entry, student information management, student enrollments, applications, examinations, report cards, examination marks entry, grades, students and staff attendance, fee collection, payment reports, fee dues, concessions, transport, transport fee, timetable, class schedule, staff payroll, staff leave management, library, parent-teacher collaboration and more. With MyClassboard school software in your shelf, you get an enhanced functionality of all the above tasks. It also grants accountability, increased productivity and improved competency. MyClassboard school software is an all-in-one school administration software to manage schools and colleges by offering its wide range of modules such as Admissions module, Gradebook, school messenger software, Parent Teacher communicator, Attendance tracker, Transport management application, Fee management system, HR & Payroll Management system and many other feature rich modules.
Making it, even more easy and feasible for schools, teachers and parents, MyClassboard has moved to the mobile platform giving the administration of schools in the palm of the hand. Keeping in mind everyone’s needs and requirements, MyClassboard has built school apps for Android, iPhone devices and made them available to download for free from Google Play app stores and i-Tunes. These mobile applications for teachers, students and parents keep the school connected with teachers, parents and pupils. These apps are customized to save time and money and fasten the process of sending information. Mobile App for teachers enables the teachers to upload class diary, assignments, mark daily attendance of every individual student, mark events in the event calendar, upload photos related to various events, update and intimate parents with the upcoming events, circulars or notices beforehand and communicate with parents by sending individual notices or SMS. Mobile app for parents allows the parents to download school announcements, class assignments, events, view daily diary uploaded by teachers, access the report card of their wards, view attendance of their child for that particular day or week or month and also view the upcoming events or news feed of the school.
MyClassboard with its best-in-class services and products is undeniably contributing a major hand to the schools in terms of fee collection, admissions, transport and others. It is an online school software which offers a suite of solutions that helps the school administrators to manage all clerical tasks. It also empowers schools to manage and monitor the day-to-day operations of every department effectively and closely.
India's most widely trusted school management software

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