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Data Management in your School ERP – MyClassboard

Schools have begun to recognize the importance of effectively managing data and been following various practices to achieve it. The sheer volume of data that must be managed by educational institutes has increased so markedly that the staff often feels overwhelmed to manage it. A school ERP is a comprehensive tool that effectively manages and updates the data of the school.  
However, it has to be noted that the data entry during the enrollment or initial phases is not a complete process as the whole information pertaining to the student might not be available.
Eventually, additional the information needs to be updated or uploaded as required by the school management. Now, this process of updating the information of students is indeed a hideous task for the admin as one has to search for the category and the required file to update the information.
MyClassboard, school ERP comes with a specific feature wherein the updating and uploading of information and the search criteria are highly simple.
The below screenshot is the page that contains all the information related to students that can be updated category wise.
To update student personal details, click on “Update Students Personal Details” and the page will be displayed. Now select the class and section for which you want to make changes.
After selecting the class and section, the entire information of students in that section is displayed with two options shown at the top of the page: “View/Edit student personal details”, ‘Upload student personal details”. If you wish to edit the student personal details, select “view/edit student personal details. You can now edit the personal details like name, Passport number, Aadhaar number, contact number, address etc
In case you wish to upload the personal details, just click on the related option to upload the documents like Caste Certificate, Passport and Aadhaar.
The below screenshot shows updating and uploading the student’s information with necessary documents.
This is how the updating process follows in your school ERP, MyClassboard. There are several categories like updating contact details, parent mobile phone numbers, student health details, parent alternate details and others that make the updating process effortless and manageable.

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