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K-12 School Bus Transportation Software

When talking about K-12 School Bus Transportation Software, the prominent thing that needs to be concentrated on is the bus tracking system. You might ask us whether the bus tracking is indeed that important? Without any hesitation, we would say YES considering the student safety and road safety.  It is obvious because school buses are considered the safest way of transport to students and it is very important for parents to know their children’s safety and whether they are on the right bus.
When coming to the road safety, the bus transport is liable to road accidents and it is the sheer responsibility of the school management (bus driver) to carry the lives of the young lads and drive them safe to their destination. If we consider a recent mishap that occurred on January 19, 2017, in Etah district of Uttar Pradesh where over 20 school-going children between the ages of 3 and 15 were killed, and dozens were injured when their school bus was hit by a speeding lorry. According to sources, 61 school children were traveling in a 45-seater bus that was taking them to school on a foggy morning and the fatal accident claimed many innocent lives including the bus driver.
Road safety is one such major concern that has been churning the hearts of many parents who eagerly wait for their kids to come home safely. As per the statistics, 43 children die in road accidents in India every day. According to data from the National Crime Records Bureau, over 400 children were killed in school bus related accidents nationally in 2015. With student safety and road safety being the primary concerns, tracking school bus via GPS would be a stress reliever to all parents.
The K-12 school bus transportation software proposed by MyClassboard has bus tracking module embedded in it and ensures peace of mind to parents. Under continuous surveillance by CC cameras installed in the bus, each student can be monitored getting on or off the bus at their stop. And because of the GPS student tracking information is integrated with K-12 school bus transportation software, all the events are recorded. The bus tracking records every information including every traveled route, the speed of the bus, the precise location of the bus at any time, and planned stop can be played back to get a true depiction of the actual events.
The benefit of having GPS data integration with K-12 school bus transportation software is that even parents can track the buses from anywhere. This technology to track buses and students helps the management and parents to track whether the kid is on the right bus at the right time and whether he is getting off at the right stop. Apart from this, you can even track the bus routes and the speed of the driver this is something which every school management is very keen to know about. Ultimately it’s the driver and his ability to drive is what describes whether the kids are in safe hands. GPS bus tracking through the K-12 school bus transportation software can take the student safety to the next level.
With the growing concern for students safety, MyClassboard has the GPS bus tracking module integrated to its K-12 school bus transportation software crafted for schools of any size.  MyClassboard has also facilitated bus tracking from parent mobile app and transport tracking app using which one can perform live monitoring of the buses and other vehicles in your transport fleet. The bus tracking from mobile app empowers parents to remotely track and monitor the whereabouts of the bus in which their child is traveling. The transport tracking app enables transport supervisors to maintain smooth functioning of all the vehicles under their command by giving them constant monitoring capabilities of each and every single bus in the fleet.

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