Are Online Classes Secure?

We all know how important and reliant Online Classes are to learn at home. And with so many users, security is undoubtedly a threat for schools and students. We at MCB take charge of your security like we always have. Using MCB School ERP, online classes can now be secure with our password-protected feature. Our […]

Master the Art of Virtual Learning

Online resources such as MCB Online Classes can help school administrators organise resources and time. It’s a constant challenge for Educators to organise resources and time simultaneously, be it within the classroom or outside of it.We’ve talked time and again how it’s the administrative workload that takes up most of the valuable time of the […]

Are you in dire need of an Online Admission Management System?

How do you know if you’re in a dire need of an Online Admission Management System?  With today’s evolving times, we’re equipped with the greatest technology like never before. It is necessary to constantly upgrade your organization and the way it functions. This not only helps you to stay ahead of your competitors but also […]

What is Educational Software?

Educational software makes management decision-making simpler for educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities. Educational software can efficiently organize data, automate multiple educational processes & transform overall academic management. To understand briefly about what educational software really is and whether or not it is the right fit for your school, read on.  Benefits of Educational […]

Technology Integration to Enhance Learning

Although technology is now being integrated into education, its use for teaching and learning is still a challenge for many. In spite of the fact that many schools today have the benefit to having easy access to technology, trained teachers, and an enabling environment, the use of technology in the classroom is still not very […]

Importance of Social-Emotional Learning in Schools Today

Growing up can be quite tough. In today’s time, kids grow at a very rapid pace with their mind boggling questions and jaw-dropping responses. Their surroundings and the people around them mould them into the human beings they become. Kids today are having a tougher time figuring life out, sure tech is one of the […]

Let’s Make the Already Taxing Homework Easy Together!

We at MCB believe in supporting schools in attaining higher levels of interaction with all communities – parents, students, teaching and non-teaching staff. It has and will always be a key aim of ours, in terms of our solutions and our comprehensive strategic aims. The future of our School ERP solution focuses on providing a […]

What is RFID and why your school should have it?

It is rightly said that Technology is the Growling Engine of Change. Today, various kinds of technologies are taking over, for convenience and ease. Technology is now being dramatically included to secure places, people, organisations, software, as well as to secure a multitude of other areas.  We understand the need for security in schools. Schools […]

All-in-one School App – Effective School to Parent Communication

We at MCB, fathom the significance of home-school communication. For this reason, we have a solution that makes parent and teacher interaction efficient and easy; thereby encouraging the accomplishment of your students. Over the past few months, we’ve been integrating educational activities and two-way communication capability into MCB Parent also widening our MCB Student offering […]

Effective Ways to Increase School Safety and Security

School – A home away from home. This is what every parent thinks and believes before getting their child admitted to the school. They feel schools are the safest place where the students are safer here than in any other place except their homes. But it is no longer the same scenario anymore. With the […]