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Are you in dire need of an Online Admission Management System?

How do you know if you’re in a dire need of an Online Admission Management System?  With today’s evolving times, we’re equipped with the greatest technology like never before. It is necessary to constantly upgrade your organization and the way it functions. This not only helps you to stay ahead of your competitors but also helps you serve your best to the parents/students in an organised and sophisticated manner. The admission process is extensive and time-taking. It’s important to handle enormous data and work it all smoothly. Every year a school goes through a new set of challenges during the admissions.  Probable challenges for schools during admissions
  1. Data precision
  2. Shortage of staff
  3. The pressure to meet targets and deadlines
There’s an increase (even if by a small %) of children wanting to attend educational institutions. This lead to colossal pressure on the administrative staff to operate as well as direct the admission process manually. Furthermore, it is difficult for them to perform the process accurately and promptly.
This is where the online admission system comes into the picture. It provides a smooth, precise and qualitative admission process that is intuitive in nature.
Top Benefits of Implementing an Online Admission Management System Easy Application
Data is the boss in today’s time. With our tech-savvy parent community that is accustomed to access every information on a single platform, it is only a smart choice to take your educational institution a notch above, by implementing online admission software. However, online applications need no manual data entry and can be directly recorded in the system. Besides, it’s easy to fetch, process and manage data.
Overall, we can bid to the fact that the admission process becomes transparent and everyone is involved actively.  
Efficiency & Accuracy
With traditional paper-based admission process work, and schools getting a tonne of applications each year during the admission period, it is highly unlikely that one can vouch for the data’s accuracy and handle it single-handedly. In that case, poor accuracy is accompanied by poorer efficiency. With an online admission module,  eligible applicants’ applications are submitted and recorded in the system to be managed under various categories. 
Streamlined Procedure
An ERP system streamlines admission as well as the enrollment process. It deploys workflow-based systems, which is how tasks and activities are done one after the other with no delay or lag. To ensure that the processes inclusive in admissions are carried out without any setbacks. In addition, as everything is on a single platform, the staff can access the data and be on the same page, reducing any possibilities of delays and needless hassle.
Reduced Paperwork & Printing Costs
It is unimaginable how much paperwork and printing can add up to costs. It’s a known fact. From admission brochures, admission forms, fee receipts, formal communication to report cards, etc. an enormous amount of paper is consumed each year. And the costs of acquiring, managing and printing such huge volumes of paper are catastrophic.
You can automate and digitise your school and scholastic activities with school management software equipped with efficient built-in features. This will save a lot of paper and printing expenses. And, the records will be securely stored online further saving more paper.
All in all
Right from maintaining student data, fee budgeting, SMS and email reminders, alerts, notifications to secured transactions, an online school management system can be a crunch point for your school. If you are lookout for a lucrative and efficient software, get in touch with MyClassboard, one of the leading school ERP systems in India with in-built modules such as Admission Management, Fee Management, Library Management, Examination Management and many more. This will help optimise productivity, high ROI and get more reliable real-time insights for making better decisions. In the nutshell, the online Admission System backs the administration team as well as the applicants by making the admission process quick, effortless and hassle-free.

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