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All-in-one School App – Effective School to Parent Communication

We at MCB, fathom the significance of home-school communication. For this reason, we have a solution that makes parent and teacher interaction efficient and easy; thereby encouraging the accomplishment of your students.

Over the past few months, we’ve been integrating educational activities and two-way communication capability into MCB Parent also widening our MCB Student offering to include their attendance, latest test results and end of term reports. With this all-in-one communication solution – accessible via web and mobile devices – parents and students can get access to the following features: 

  • Share anecdotes – pupil behaviour, achievements, uniform maintenance, participation, overall discipline
  • Provide teachers with class teaching plan 
  • Give students access to learning content, time table
  • Provide students (and parents) with their own digital class diary 
  • Promote extra-curricular activities with parents and students 
  • Share the school activity experience with parents through photo galleries 
  • Decrease printing costs through digital report publishing 
  • Send notifications, school announcements to students (and parents)
  • Give assignments, assign self-assessment online tests to students
  • Benefit from automated push notifications like payment installments or homework reminders
  • Gain quick feedback through two-way communication via SMS, chat options, email
  • Provide suitability of e-payments via payment gateways

If your school uses MCB School Management Software, you can now view and switch between new feature options, like payment reminders, live within your System Admin site. To find out more about our school management systems, take a look at We believe this all-in-one school-parent communication solution has the power to transform parents from passive receivers to proactive agents capable of driving their ward’s learning potential. 

Along with which, provide schools with the tools to empower student-centred learning. 

Go ahead and check out the new features on your MCB Smart School app.

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