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Are Online Classes Secure?

We all know how important and reliant Online Classes are to learn at home. And with so many users, security is undoubtedly a threat for schools and students. We at MCB take charge of your security like we always have. Using MCB School ERP, online classes can now be secure with our password-protected feature.

Our platform is seamlessly integrated with a cloud-based video and audio conferencing service to conduct online classes, meeting or conferences between the students and teachers. Our solution offers you to have access to online classes you take on the MCB application in a safe and secure manner, you can also store your password information securely while allowing you to easily join the classes.

Here is an overview of the capabilities of the application’s seamless integrations.

As we speak, you no longer have to signup or log in through a third-party application or have a separate integration done. We’ve got you all covered on our exhaustive platform.

MCB offers authentication alternatives such as Google Sign-in and Password-based which can be enabled for a user. Teacher or the System can enable 2FA for the students, requiring them to set up and use 2FA to access the online class.

Encryption: MCB protects your content by encrypting the online classes’ video, audio, and screen sharing. Every class is encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard that uses one-time-password for a particular online class.

Cloud Recording Storage: All the online classes are processed and stored in the cloud once the session ends; these recordings are password-protected and available only to authoritative personnel in your organization. If a teacher enables cloud recording and audio transcripts, they will be saved encrypted.

File transfer storage: If a teacher enables file transfer through in-meeting chat, they will be saved encrypted and get deleted within 31 days of the class.

Cloud recording access: The online class recording access is limited to the teachers and system admin. Either of them can authorise the online class recordings’ access to others with options to share publicly, internal-only, add registration to view, enable/disable the option to download, and an option to password protect the recorded online class.

We always work towards making the experience as seamless and easy it can get keeping security in mind. We take pride in implementing security features while maintaining usability.

Why not join MCB online class to see how our Online Class integration can work for your school and security requirements?

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