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Let’s Make the Already Taxing Homework Easy Together!

We at MCB believe in supporting schools in attaining higher levels of interaction with all communities – parents, students, teaching and non-teaching staff.
It has and will always be a key aim of ours, in terms of our solutions and our comprehensive strategic aims.
The future of our School ERP solution focuses on providing a distinct platform for schools and parents that includes online payments, home-school interaction and updating on PTMs and activities.
Digital Diary for Teachers, Students, and Parents
The advanced Homework solution brings a whole range of new functionalities designed to make life easier for teachers, students, and parents. 
Research has shown that teachers would widely benefit from being able to streamline the process of providing their students with resources such as study materials,  assignments, home works and a lot more. 
Virtually, we’ve created a way for teachers to deliver their homework tasks to students with digital attachments to ensure they are on the right track from the very beginning.
No More Lost or Wasted Learning Resources
Handing out homework tasks to a class with a tonne of learning resources in physical form is now a thing of the past. No more learning photo-copies distribution in the class.
No more zillion items that get lost between home and school, and all of a sudden you have a potentially significant amount of materials of no real use.
By providing teachers with the ability to digitally deliver homework and add attachments to the homework tasks, you are effectively eliminating the break in the chain, helping to ensure that students have everything they need to cater to independent learning.
Designed to suit the busy schedule
We understand that teaching no more a normal 9-5 profession, with increasing responsibility there is increasing blur in the lines between work and home life.
Keeping this in mind, functionality in MCB’s Homework empowers teachers flexibility, wherein they can easily access their set assignments anywhere, anytime via the Cloud, attach the learning content and then distribute to the classes.
More’s coming your way!
We’re thrilled by the direction of advancement we’re creating for MCB Homework and our entire parent-school engagement solution. Considering this functionality as one of the many attributes at MCB and we hope to continue receiving feedback from schools all across and improvising our offering.
One-stop solution for all engagement activities:
MCB’s Homework module exists as a feature set within the existing MCB Parent app and MCB Smart School app platforms, meaning that schools can enjoy easy administration from the same portal.
This also determines our visions for the future of the MCB Smart School app, residing at the core of a single communication solution that brings your entire school community together.
Providing parents and students with an anywhere-anytime platform that encourages them to interact with schools however and whenever they choose, at the heart of our vision, is what we’re looking forward to making a reality for everyone.

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