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Master the Art of Virtual Learning

Online resources such as MCB Online Classes can help school administrators organise resources and time. It’s a constant challenge for Educators to organise resources and time simultaneously, be it within the classroom or outside of it.
We’ve talked time and again how it’s the administrative workload that takes up most of the valuable time of the educator, time they could’ve easily invested to educate students. MCB is academically integrated with Zoom, Google Classroom and Microsoft tools to deliver the seamless user experience. MCB’s online platform brings digital tools to schools to keep students on track with schoolwork while simultaneously making it just as effective for the adults to process academic and administrative work.

Here’s how we’ve designed MCB Online Classes to cater for your four topmost priorities:

1. Social Distancing and Virtual Access go hand in hand With abundant online resources on our knowledge base and active support teams, mastering the features and functions of Online Classes is a cakewalk. Equipped with the freedom to access classes and course content anytime, anywhere, on any device, is proven not only to be appealing but also highly effective for both teachers and students respectively.

2. Seamless Engagement With All the Stakeholders Involved Enhance communication using customisable Online Classes’ features. Students can post questions in the Doubt Clarifier and engage peers and educators in inquiry-driven discussions. Use the Assignment and Online Assessments tool to send out share agendas and avail online tests respectively. Gauge participation with a glance at comprehensive reports to track students’ and teachers’, course, tasks and assignments completion.

3. Streamline Information Dissemination with MCB’s Online Platform Fetch resources easily providing a standard way to locate and share virtual interactions and resources. Our software includes features where you can prepare assignments in advance and schedule them to post to your online class at a specified date and time.
You can set a due date, which automatically populates to your shared Google Calendar, keeping all academicians and students on track. The online platform is considered as one of our most valuable assets of the tool.

4.  Organise  & Maintain Resources You can reduce the amount of time expended by staff to fetch resources just by using the MCB platform. Options for resources within this page might include time tables, course work, course material, administrative work, emergency response protocols, etc.

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