Software to Ease Data Management in Schools

Effective data management is the critical aspect of any organization and the ability to access and the ability to communicate are the key factors that decide the efficiency in data management. Accessibility and communication have been the age old issues till technology invasion in all fields had revolutionized everything. For instance, consider the banking system […]

Customized Reports in School Management System

A school management system includes several tasks such as student’s registration, record keeping of attendance, generating report cards, producing an official transcript, preparing timetable and schedule of classes, managing transport, fee management and others. A school management software is a complete solution that caters the needs of school administration process. In the current system, we […]

Comprehensive School Bus Routing Software Solutions

Manually planning your school bus routing schedules is time-consuming and organizing efficient vehicle routes along with bus stops and pick/drop timings is also time-consuming and cost-effective. A comprehensive school bus routing software solution creates, edits or deletes bus routes along with bus stops, optimizes bus routes and tracks vehicles and students in real-time in a […]

Biometric Integration in Schools and Benefits

The modern school is equipped with technology in every corner ensuring minimum human effort. Biometrics is one such technology integration for classroom use to help you track attendance with minimal effort. Tracking attendance of student or staff is the biggest challenge for any school. There are still some schools that enter the attendance in registers […]