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Comprehensive School Bus Routing Software Solutions

Manually planning your school bus routing schedules is time-consuming and organizing efficient vehicle routes along with bus stops and pick/drop timings is also time-consuming and cost-effective. A comprehensive school bus routing software solution creates, edits or deletes bus routes along with bus stops, optimizes bus routes and tracks vehicles and students in real-time in a single map view without installing any software on your computer. a>
A school bus routing software uses high-quality digital mapping to optimize vehicle routes and also assigns multiple routes to students at different timings. Streamlining the school bus routes for the whole year is not orderly through manual scheduling and when it takes weeks or months to manually schedule bus routes for the year, the whole process ends up in a costly affair.
A school bus routing software is the need of the hour that features a customizable dashboard which gives quality information in assisting the directors or planners in their route planning by alerting with different factors like students not assigned to stops or routes, and drivers with an expiring license etc. Using this dashboard, you get real-time data to more easily manage daily operations and plan routes more efficiently on an ongoing basis.
By using school bus routing software, you receive updated information on your dashboard regarding the student safety. Consider that scenario when any worried parent calls the school to know where their child is, there is an answer always ready in such case.
GPS tracking system is incorporated in school bus routing software to get the data for current location updates. This tracking system helps in tracking the bus and precisely know the whereabouts of every student in the buses and track when-when a bus has gone off route.
The dashboard in the school bus routing software should also be able to provide timely updates and information for the following:
Updates on driver’s license, expirations, renewals, violations, absences, and certifications.
Information about unsafe driving habits by bus drivers
Information of students who are missing on the bus.
Inform when there are too many students on board.
Gas mileage and vehicle usage.
A comprehensible school bus routing software solution should offer a customizable dashboard to assign multiple routes at different timings and also be compatible to include any combination of applications that suit the specific needs of the school bus route management.

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