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Why Virtual Learning is the Ultimate Solution During the Time of COVID-19

2020 has been quite an year.
Education sector has been one of the most affected sectors that had to struggle during the times of COVID. The mandatory lockdowns in various parts of the world had made traditional learning methods impossible.
The brusque shutdown had intellectual and cognitive consequences for families. It has posed new challenges to both the students and parents staying at home and adapting to the present times.

Famous physicist Albert Einstein once said that Necessity is the mother of all Invention.

And consequently, the education field has adapted to follow the new government directives of safety and staying at home. To help students continue their education, many schools and educational institutions are offering online classes.

Why Online Classes?

Research has shown that children benefit from a sense of structure or a routine. A consistent focus for students helps them feel secure, encourages stability, creates stability, helps them establish healthy habits, helps them to develop discipline, confidence, and self-esteem. However, with the shutting down of schools, many students have found their lives in a disorder. The separation between study time, playtime, and hobby time are bleared. This has led to an increase of stress among students and diminishing security.
A routine can be recreated with the help of a Online classroom or online classes. They allow the students to remain engaged and continue their learning process, despite the shutting down of schools. The online classes provide the student with a daily routine of morning classes, online homework, online assessments ensuring that the students imbibe discipline and commitment towards the learning process.

Top Advantages Of Online Classroom Amidst COVID-19

  • Accessibility

    Online classrooms and online classes are readily available as students only need high-speed internet connection with a computer, tablet or smartphone to go to an online classroom

  • Safety & Convenience

    The students can revisit the lesson at any time of their convenience as the online classes allow for archiving lessons as well as recording the class. Additionally , all the lessons are stored in the cloud which ensures that the students are not tied to one single location or single device for their Online class.
    The students are provided with enough time to understand the knowledge acquired, exercise it, explore and strengthen their understanding of the subject. They can study at their own comfort and speed, rather than continually struggling to keep pace with their peers.

  • 24×7 Accessibility

    Online classroom solutions give students the option to interact with teachers. The students can interact with their teachers at any time, to clear doubts, or ask questions, though this however is subject to the time to convenience to all the lecturers..

  • Improved Technology

    Online classroom solutions such as Microsoft Teams,Google Meet, Zoom etc. enable the students to explore and learn new digital tools. Online classes necessitate the students to inculcate digital proficiency and skills in their day-to-day activities of creating PowerPoint presentations for assignments to researching online.

  • Effective Communication

    Many students face isolation and feelings of loneliness because of the strong rules regarding social distance. With the help of online classes, students can connect with their peers. The concept of trust and friendship is now continuing in the online space.

  • Customised to Needs

    The online classes provide the scope for personalizing the content to meet the needs of the students. For example, the students can be directed toward learning videos, online audio books and various other personalization tools, using which the students can modify how they absorb the lessons.

  • Improved Attendance

    As the students can attend the classes at the comfort of their own time and place, there is a considerable improvement in the attendance of students. Online classes provide an opportunity to actively interact and participate in the classes as it makes the students feel safer when interacting behind a screen. .

  • Effective Tracking of Progress

    Online classes provide the advantage of tracking the performance of students easily. In online classes, the information about each student including attendance records, exam results is stored online. The teachers can then create online classes according to the learning patterns and the learning requirements of students.

In Conclusion

Prior to the global pandemic, many schools that were eager to increase learning opportunities and enhance their productivity, gained from the cloud-based solutions school management software. There is a rising need for schools to invest in such technology as we live in a dynamic and evolving world, and during any unexpected crisis, we must support the schools to function without compromising the learning of the students.

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